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    UHF radio and aerial install
    on: Mar 04, 2014, 04.50 am
    Mar 04, 2014, 04.50 am
    I am finally getting around to a more permanent installation of an 80 channel UHF radio and external aerial, similar to what I had on the ST1100 initially.

    The basic plan is - a decent external aerial, connect into the Sena SR10 for integration with the Sena SMH10 headset and no drilling of holes or slots in the bodywork (maybe in a few years  :164:)

    I made up a bracket for an external aerial to fit under the rear topbox mount, so I can mount the smaller 4db aerial pictures or a bigger one for some trips.  Only 2 holes drilled in the topbox mount (not the sliding carriage) so I can live with that for extra stability.

    I made up a bracket that bolts into one of the existing bolts under the windscreen. I had to buy a longer bolt. I bought 4 just in case I might need them for other things. It is not going to be the final version as I want it to hug the bodywork better and look neater, but it will do as a test.

    The bracket is supported up on the dash with some velco - not load bearing but keeps it stable and stops rubbing on the bodywork.

    This is a neat bracket specifically made for the Uniden handheld I am using. The Radio clicks in the cradle and is very secure. An allen key can be tightened to lock the radio in the cradle.

    Not real neat, but I hope to make it look better the next version after road testing.

    And how it looks. The extra velcro will be removed after some more testing. I tried the radio velcroed on without the bracket and it lasted at least 10 minutes on smooth roads. So a no go.

    The external aerial up the back will be connected to the radio once I route the aerial cable up the front and put on an SMA adaptor to screw in instead of the the little rubber aerial.  The external aerial in the picture is a flexible 4db aerial that is light and tough, but I have a 6.5db aerial for longer trips when distance might matter more for checking on road conditions.

    The SR10 hub will be fitted down the back in that tight space behind the seat lock. Just enough room to velcro it in, but still accessible if pairing has the be done. It will turn on when the bike is running via the passenger powerlet outlet. If all goes well I will tap into the back of that outlet for a more permanent install.  Initially I was going to mount the SR10 up the front, but it gets hot around the lockable pocket so probably better down the back.  A custom cable has been made up to reach all the way to the front, and the SR10 kit comes with an extension cable.

    So that's it for now until it is tasted.  I used a similar setup on the ST1100 for a number of years with an Autocom, and it worked well with good range.
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    Re: UHF radio and aerial install
    Reply #1 on: Mar 04, 2014, 09.25 am
    Mar 04, 2014, 09.25 am
    I also use an SR10 to link the radio in and found it worked great.  I did put it ll in the tank bag though and powered that so I could remove it quickly at stops.  I did look permanently fixing it but didn't at that time.  I will re-look at it later on so will keep an eye on your findings.

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    Re: UHF radio and aerial install
    Reply #2 on: Mar 05, 2014, 09.09 am
    Mar 05, 2014, 09.09 am
    I don't personally have any need for a setup like that but I have to say - Looking good John  :028: