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GPS based camera warning
« on: March 09, 2014, 04:53:37 pm »
Have been playing about with a GPS based camera warning device. It's a model made for a car ( but I chose it because it powers up without the need to switch it on has has spoken status reports, remote GPS receiver option and the option for an earpiece.
The plan is to have it out of sight for touring France, so it's placed in the same box as the audio gear under the seat.
I have actually put it in the box under the tray, the audio is connected via the sat nav port under the LHS indicator pod, and shares the power for the sat nav.

My sat nav is connected directly via bluetooth to the helmet, the helmet is also paired with the bike, so if i am using bluetooth the alert overrides all other bluetooth connections, If the bike speakers are in use it overrides the music.

So on switching the bike on a few seconds later depending on whether the speed cheetah has been used recently the audio message "satellites located" is heard thereafter a tone and message warning of fixed and mobiles sites.

So far it's working well, the only niggle is that UK and rest of Europe maps cannot be loaded at the same time.