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For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« on: March 10, 2014, 09:12:49 am »
Dear Triumph,

If you are half the brand we think you are, you have someone in-house checking media and forums to hear, read and understand what people say about your products.  So this post is to help you do that.

You made a wonderful motorcycle and (just about) all of us here on this dedicated forum truly love the new Trophy. We take pleasure and pride in riding it as often as we can and, in my case, that is everyday.

But just about every road test in the motorcycle magazines consider that the new RT is superior.  Some of us actually like the fact that we don't have the "consensus" the "main stream" bike, but, rather, the challenger, the rebel.  More in the Triumph DNA, I guess.

This being said, even the die-hard among us could live with a few (minor?) improvements. And, as far as you guys go, you may win a sizealbe number of customers by considering making such changes.

So, here it is, we made your homework for you and you will find below a list of suggestions to improve greatly a bike that is already outstanding.

Thank you for your attention, Triumph

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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2014, 09:24:52 am »
So, as I created this post, I will start.

At this point, I see only two important issues.

I Ergonomics

Could you kindly have your engineers re-design the whole commands system, please?  First, the ugly, massive, satellite coverd with buttons that are (i) far from the handle, (ii) small and hard to press, (iii) not lit at night, and not user friendly, needs to be replaced by something much much more ergonomic.  Second, the menus also need to be re-though carefully.  They are simply not intuitive enough.  This is just programming, man, it can't be that hard.  All the features are there, so it is only a matter of how you organize them in a simple-to-ue-and-understand way.  Tip:  don't ask an engineer, ask a woman.

And, after all, it is no insult to say that you have, let's say, carefully looked at your biggest competitor when designing this bike, so do it again for commands and information display.

Similarly, change the warning button.  It is way to small, way too hard and way too far from the driver's hand to be anything but a nuisance.  There are times when one needs to turn it on pronto.  I was never able to on the Trophy. A silly little thing, but annoying.  Triumph, you really don't want your customers to be annoyed, now, do you?

II Weight

This bike handles increadibly well.  I'll give you that.  Truly it's a wonder.  But I am sure that you could get easily 30 kilos (approx. 65 pounds) off this bike if you really wanted. 

Yes, we know that there is a delicate compromise to be found between the quality of the materials, the weight and the price.  You obviously are competing with the Bayerische Motor Werke on price and if you spend too much on aluminum (not to mention carbon fiber), you won't be able to be so much cheaper.  Okay, we get it.  But it is more probably by finding hundreds of grams here and there that you will achieve it. So get started.  Maybe some of the posts after this will give you some ideas.

Thanks for listening, Triumph and keep up the good work.

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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2014, 12:29:34 pm »
More comfortable driver's foot pegs: My "2000" model year BMW K1200LT had a sort of Hybrid between a floor board and a traditional foot peg. It was a flat, not cylindrical foot "rest", not a foot "peg". It was shaped kind of like a hockey puck that had been heated and then stretched along it's axis to make it more of an airplane tail fin shape, very comfortable due to it's flat and wing shape, yet still on a hinge and still only about 1 inch longer than our current factory foot "pegs". I'm sure we wouldn't lose any lean angle to the foot rests because my K1200LT handled the curves easily as well as my TTSE does and never ground any parts. Boy was that set of foot rests comfy on the long haul! You Betcha!  :169: -Dr Ron
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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2014, 02:49:12 pm »
Here is my entire 'grip' list.  Most are fairly minor...  Hopefully the head work will take care of the noise issues...

Main Gripes:
5th and especially 6th gear NOISE, even if normal, bothersome when cruising at legal speed
Engine diesel-y rattle
Instrument Brightness should be able to be set while moving
Headlight should be able to be ajusted while stopped.
Louder Horn

Audio Main Gripes:
Radio should be able to be on without ignition, should have a ACC position on ignition switch that allows radio to run, fairing pocket to open, and ACC sockets to be live..
Radio buttons too small, hard with gloves.
Center area between volume and channel buttons higher so easier to feel with gloves on.
Radio and grip heater controls should be illuminated.
Bluetooth Output should still have VOLUME CONTROL via the on-board radio system!
Bluetooth should be able to be on at the same time as the on-board speakers!
3.5mm audio OUT jack!!!
Radio POD needs a MUTE button
Should be a way to run USB wire out of the pocket, a waterproof channel or a USB socket provided by the (wished for) NAV jacks.

Other Non-Audio Gripes:
Screw discoloration/peeling on fluid reservoirs
Seat easily scuffs and difficult to clean
No way to mount tank bag or bra other than Triumph
Flat spot sort of when passing in 6th gear...
Centerstand too high and narrow, difficult to get bike up onto stand, not easy to provide 'lift'...
Centerstand too rearward, too much weight on front wheel.
Glare off instruments
LCD screen is difficult to read in some light conditions.
Windshield too narrow.
TES Recalibrate (LONG version) occasionally, after fueling seems to affect??
Speedo drop to zero and return... , then slow TES recal after getting gas and restart...
Cruise sometimes reacts slowly to acceleration input...
Cruise controls would be better on the left or closer to the right grip
Rear Grab Rails too high, easy to kick getting on.
Saddlebag lids taper too much toward bottom reducing capacity.
Saddlebags: Loose floppy items can be caught in saddlebag bottom seal area when closing, should have dividers to prevent snags over seals.
Seat – should offer option on ordering, all dealers should have all seat heights on hand to test.
Oil Filter NOT difficult to get on off, but a bit of a mess, fairing needs to be unbolted and pulled away.
Fairing Pocket is to small to be usable and a phone barely fits in it to charge.
ABS Front Sensor Wheel:  should be made with stiffening engineering of some sort, too easily bent.
Offer a low windshield for short riders

Other Audio Gripes:

NAV sockets accessible without disassembling fairing!  Jacks.
More than ONE Device Paired
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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2014, 04:09:52 pm »

Clunking glovebox is still annoying!
Bluetooth breaking up (not had the software upgrade yet though).
Ye menus on electronic systems could be better.
And last but not least can we have some stabilisers fitted so I don't drop it again!!!  :005:

Overall LOVE this bike the way it goes and handles so wouldn't change much.

Trust me......
I ride a Triumph.

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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2014, 05:18:18 pm »
I would be totally happy if I could have a 3.5mm audio out jack.  I would retire the Sena unit.  I would never ask for another thing again.  That's all I want.
Dear Mr./Ms. Triumph,
Please send a plug-and-play retrofit kit.  If you do, I promice to donate my Sena to charity.


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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2014, 05:47:08 pm »
I'd like, a place to put aux lights on and plug ins, could you also use led bulbs as they last longer and are brighter? Oh and illuminate the handlebar controls. That's it from me!  :821:

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Re: For you guys at Triumph, here is our wish list
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2014, 06:26:11 pm »
Make the radio package and option ,  the heated grips and seat standard . everything else is good .
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