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Adding comfort to a heated seat
« on: March 18, 2014, 08:04:05 am »
Well still looking at melting snow and salt puddles on the road,so I decided to take my heated seat apart to see if I could make it any more comfy and softer I have a bony butt and I can feel hard bitts in the seat after a couple of hours.
I bought a roll of 2 inch foam meant for a camping mattress for 20$. Then removed all of the staples from the seat and took off the cover, the cover material is quite stretchy which lets it adapt to different thicknesses. I cut the foam to the same shape as  the back of the seat and then marked off a triangle on the foam where my butt would be, i actually copied the same lines as the original foam on the seat. Then with a sharp knive shaved the foam on the sides and corners, on the sides you have to take a lot off a bit like filleting a fish!
I put the cover on the back first and stapled (the first time I did this I pulled the foam tight but it was still hard so I ended up moving the position of the cover to give more room, there is lots) then pulled the sides and stapled the rest of the seat, I was careful that all the seams lined up right.
I have ended up with the seat looking rounded where you sit but the front is still the same height and profile much more comfy for me. Pretty easy and cheap to do and reversible if you dont like it the heat still comes through fine. I also took the front of the back seat apart and put foam in the front to raise it up where my butt leans against worked fine.
The worst bit was getting rid of all the little balls of foam that were left over!