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    Norlan B1 Versus Cardo Scala Rider G9
    on: Apr 08, 2014, 08.28 am
    Apr 08, 2014, 08.28 am
    I just got done installing the Norlan B1 into one of my Noland N-91 helmets. I mainly just use the Bluetooth for the XM Satellite  and GPS.   My old HJC helmet  has the G9. But the way they do NOT compare is interesting.

    Here is what I find.   .  .

    B-1 cons, compared to G9:

    Setting up the B1 to the latest firmware is a hassle for the first time.  It was several versions behind when purchased new. The instructions to do such is very unlike any other firmware update I have done on anything, and I have done many. The instructions in writing MUST be followed exactly and any instructions on the screen have to be ignored. Firmware update was long and complicated, but only for  this first time. Future firmware updates will be MUCH simpler and faster (if the same computer is used).

    TTSE volume control won't work (but the mute will <hold the TTSE  Volume down for a few seconds, until "mute" shows up on the TTSE display>).   TTSE volume control, as well as the mute,  will work with the G9.

    It's a hassle to take apart the N-91 helmet for the B1 install. Time consuming.

    Complete helmet needed to recharge battery. G9 unit can be removed from helmet  to be recharged.

    No AVC/ AGC in the B-1 (but this can be an advantage). And the  TTSE's  AVC won't work on bluetooth.

    B-1 is better with . . .

    The B1 goes MUCH louder than the G9.

    Better audio quality than the G9.

    B1 mic can be removed and easily put back in when needed, unlike the G9.

    No AVC (was a big advantage to me).

    With my G9, I had to use my windscreen height to adjust my G9 volume. It was way too low when the Windscreen was all they way up. The volume would come up nice and loud as I lowered the windscreen. I tried all the AGC setting to no avail. There is no "AGC off" option in the G9, which I think is a stupid design.

    I rode on the freeway today at 75 MPH / 120 KPM and I will give the B-1 an A+ for how well it sounded. I don't think the quality can be improved and there is a lot more volume than I need. When I stop, it seems too loud to hear anything else, but as long as the mute on the TTSE works, I am happy with that. Of course, I can always adjust the volume on the unit  itself.

    Overall, I like my new B1 a lot better than my G9. The B-1 works a lot better for me on my TTSE. Loud and clear are the most important things of them all.

    -Don-  Reno, NV
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