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Another Hello from the Pacific Northwest
« on: March 05, 2013, 05:16:15 pm »
Hello world wide web owners of Trophies,

I am fairly new to riding. Got my first bike about a year ago. Actually it was two bikes in hundreds of pieces in the back of a pickup. Assembled the parts to make one okay but mechanically sound 80 Honda CX500C. Took my safety course and got my MC endorsement. Had a great time riding until a young man made an illegal turn in front of me. We collided even with evasive maneuvers.  I survived that one thanks to God. but the CX500 was totaled.

While I was down a friend gave me a 84 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk. It had a bad conrod bearing so I bought a used motor and dropped it in. Nice bike but that motor lasted only 200 miles before the starter chain broke. Now its in the process of getting an overhaul.

I missed the CX500 so I bought another. 81 500C. Its in cherry condition and I really like that bike but.... I'm 6' 250lbs and my wife likes to go on short rides with me. It works but it's small. Hence the need for more CCs and room.

I spent quite a bit of time looking for the next bike. I like the cruiser looks but everyone seems to be riding big cruisers with T-shirts and skull caps or crotch rockets with uncomfortable riding positions. I wanted something different, reliable, safe, lots of power, dual headlights, (yes I want to be more visible) and hard sided luggage and cost effective.

I looked at and researched all the touring bikes, not gonna list them all but I settled on the Concurs and the Trophy. As you can all tell, the Trophy won. Thanks to all of you for helping me make this decision. Its not in perfect shape but it was a good score for the money. It has just under 14K miles not bad for a 14 year old bike. Has a Corbin seat with back rest for passenger, taller windshield as a matter of fact it came with two more brand new tall windshields in a box along with the original. Triumph expanding tank bag, tail bag, tank bra, heated grips nice! a HJC modular helmet, full set of rain gear, came across three sets of gloves so far lol, and new battery. Now the not so good. Work rear tire, chain looks loose but Im not sure of that yet, it got dropped on the right side so there is a crack in the fairing around a screw, brakes look a little thin, a few scratches here and there, and on verifiable service records.

The ride. Test ride was was impressive but the throttle coughed a bit under hard acceleration. I liked the smooth take offs but heard a little ticking in the front some where. I bought it like that but figured I could sort it out for the right price. PO said the gas was from last November and it hasn't been ridden since then. I rode it home about 40 miles and the coughing and ticking cleared right up, spiderwebs. I was kinda impressed with the Kabota tractor noise it made at idle then worried it might be bad. I was relieved to learn that these bike sound a little rough at idle but smooth out under acceleration. Thats exactly how she reacts so it must be normal.

Anyway, I love this bike. I have much to learn and will be relying on you guys and gals for more information.