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New Member With A Specific Inquiry
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:06:04 pm »
Greetings.  I'm using the moniker "Britride" for this forum.  I'm a Yank, living in Washington State.  On 2/9/13, I took delivery of my new 2013 Triumph Trophy.  Right out of the box, with only 25 miles on the bike, the audio system quick working.  Fortunately, the problem was traced to a loose connection.  On 3/2/13, I filled the fuel tank for the first time.  That evening, as I entered my two car garage, I noticed a fairly strong odor of gas vapors.  The next morning the vapors were still present.  I next drove the bike for a hundred miles or so, and thought that might help, in case I overfilled the tank.  The next day.....same problem!  I believe it's a defective fuel cap assembly.  I'm working with my local dealer along those lines, now.  I'd just like to know if anyone else may have experienced this anomaly.  Thanks for your time.  Happy riding!