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Re: My Trophy Dumped Me
« Reply #32 on: March 26, 2016, 07:10:58 PM »
*Originally Posted by nert [+]
I should have taken photos. I have only one. So, here is a more complete text description of the operation.

First thing to is to remove the locking compartment, which was an added chore, as the  release button requires 12v ignition power to open. Second remove battery storage cover. The wire harness coming from the left side of the ignition switch is approximately 10 inches long with a large rectangle connector located just under the left speaker. Push the lock release tab to separate the connector halves.
The small harness coming from the right side of the ignition switch appears to go up the neck to the mechanical part of the ignition switch. (key sensing I suppose) I don't believe it can be disconnected.

Looking down at the base of the ignition switch, you will see (2) BLACK one-way locking tabs in square holes of the switch barrel. Use a screwdriver or blunt tool to flex each tabs inward, one side at a time to release the black harness cover from the barrel. It wont fall off, or move very far, as it is attached the wire harness. You will also see (2) WHITE one-way locking tabs in square holes also on the switch barrel. The white tabs need to be released as well. Releasing these tabs is a VERY difficult task. You will need to pull outward on the plastic ignition switch barrel with an appropriate hook tool, to deform the plastic barrel so you can push the white locking tabs out of the square hole. You need to do both sides. Be careful and be patient.  You will need to rotate the handle bars left to right for greatest access while releasing the lock tabs.

Now, the wire harness, and WHITE plastic fixed “contact plate” will come out of the bottom of the ignition switch barrel. The upper rotating “contact plate” will probably fall out as well. I worked the harness around to the battery side, trimmed the broken wires and spliced with heat shrink but connectors. I secured the splice with tiny zip ties to the remaining wires to eliminate movement, and restored the outer rubber harness sheath. I rerouted the repaired harness properly below the ignition switch opening. I applied dielectric grease to the contact plate that had fallen out of the ignition switch housing, the spring, and the contacts that are on the repaired bottom part of the harness. I carefully reassembled the ignition switch, upside down and blind fitting into its indexed position until the BLACK one-way locking tabs snapped back into place. I installed a zip tie around the barrel to further secure the switch body. I then tested my repair, and reassembled all the removed parts. Many thousands of miles later, I have no ignition problems.

In short, I disassembled the ignition switch in place, repaired the wire harness, and reassembled in place.

Well done, and hat's off for attempting such a repair in the first place.

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Re: My Trophy Dumped Me
« Reply #33 on: April 17, 2020, 01:59:58 PM »
There is now a New Topic relating to a Safety Recall issued by Triumph for this problem :

Ignition Switch Wiring WORLDWIDE Safety Recall SRAN574

This Topic has now been Locked.

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