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Re: Slipping out of 2nd gear?
« Reply #136 on: March 03, 2020, 01:45:09 PM »
It is a pleasure to find everything also tidy.

Thanks Coconut
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Re: Slipping out of 2nd gear?
« Reply #137 on: April 11, 2020, 01:27:08 PM »
I know that I will eventually have to pull the trans, replacing gears, forks, etc., but, for now, I'm able to go "easy" on 2nd & reliably get through it. I just take 1st pretty high, shift to 2nd, go up a bit in revs, & "short shift" into 3rd...
An interesting aspect of my failing 2nd is that it is most difficult when the engine is cold. I think the oil is thick, inhibiting full engagement into 2nd. That's when it'll most easily pop out of 2nd, back into neutral. Sometimes, the shift linkage will even hang up & not quickly return to the neutral position. Then, I'll have to "dab" it back down to get it so that I can reengage 2nd, as I'm accelerating.
Once the bike is fully warmed up. It shifts just fine &, if I'm easy on 2nd, its ok.
Anyone else have this more pronounced when the engine is still cold?
Like I've stated, I know that eventually I'll have to pull & repair, but this does seem that I can go a bit..

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Re: Slipping out of 2nd gear?
« Reply #138 on: April 11, 2020, 03:37:24 PM »
My experience didn't show a noticeable difference between cold and hot.  Once the gear engagement cogs (dowels) are rounded off I doubt the viscosity difference in the oil between cold and hot would make a significant difference in slipping.  If the issue is more of a detent wheel/retiner issue I would expect the same, oil viscosity having little effect. 

Could it possibly be that you are more easily shifting when cold and maybe not getting full engagement - just a thought.  Once the torsion springs starts to slacken it doesn't take much at all to pop back into N from 2nd.