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HOW TO : Remove the Battery ( with Triumph Alarm fitted ).
« on: June 18, 2014, 10:43:04 am »
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The battery is located underneath a dark grey plastic cover - underneath the right handlebar.
It is a Sealed, Maintenance free, Gel type battery, YUASA YTX20L-BS 12V / 16Ah

There is just one screw securing the cover - remove this then lift the rear edge and pull the cover
up and slightly rearwards to disengage the pegs secured into rubber grommets at the front edge -
as indicated by the arrows in this Photo :

Note the Diagnostic connector pushed onto a plastic clip on top of the battery -
move this out of the way, and also note if you have a "Battery Tender" or
"Optimate" connector attached to the Battery.

There are no special warnings or procedures listed in the Service Manual
for Battery disconnection and reconnection, other than removing the Negative terminal first,
and the usual "Don't short it out on the frame", "Contains harmful chemicals" etc.  :112:

Note however that if you have the Triumph / Datatool S4 alarm fitted,
and the battery is disconnected when the alarm is set, then the alarm siren will sound !

The instructions for this alarm advise that if the motorcycle battery is disconnected while the
alarm is set, then the alarm system's internal back up battery will cause the alarm to activate :

You can remove the {motorcycle} battery at any time
when the system is ‘immobilised only’ or in ‘winter mode’.
Winter mode also stops the remotes operating the
system making this setting better.
If the alarm system has been armed, the internal
battery back-up system (S4 Red and Green only) is
also turned on and disconnection of the battery will
cause the alarm system to sound.
If you have changed the standard default setting of
the alarm to full passive arming the easiest way to
remove the machine’s battery is to select ‘winter
mode’ prior to removal of the battery.

Entering ‘Winter’ mode :
From the disarmed state, press both buttons on the
transmitter for 10 seconds with the ignition ON until
you hear a beep, after the ignition is switched OFF the
alarm unit will go into winter sleep mode. The unit will
now be completely shut down leaving the machine
immobilised and current usage below 250μA.

Exiting ‘Winter’ mode :
To re-activate the alarm system the ignition has to
be switched ON and the alarm will give a series of
increasing rate beeps which last for 5 seconds.
Within this time press the GREY button on the
remote control or the alarm system will trigger.

Once you've sorted out the alarm, disconnect the Negative ( Black ) cable from the battery,
then the Positive ( Red ) one, unclip the rubber retaining strap, and lift the battery out.

Replace in the reverse order, noting the the information for alarm re-activation ( above ),
reconnect the Positive ( Red ) cable to the battery, then the Negative ( Black ) one,
and make sure that both terminals are clean and tight.

Smearing a little Petroleum Jelly ( Vaseline ) on the terminals will help protect them from corrosion.

When refitting the plastic cover, note that the securing nut is designed
so that it can be positioned, to a certain degree, within its fairing mounting,
which allows the cover to be lined up with the fuel tank cover panel.

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