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lack of response by Triumph USA
« on: July 09, 2014, 03:44:06 pm »
 :233:Bought my trophy may 23 ,14 in that time I have had it in the shop 2 times. When the battery went dead and the Audio module failed Elk grove power sport switched out the battery and pulled the fuse to the audio module. Mechanic stated that he was able to duplicate the problem but the only way to stop the audio module from draining the battery was to pull the fuse.  I have contacted Triumph USA . They paid for the towing the first time back to the dealer. That was june 6th. It is now 30 days later and I can still not get an answer back from Triumph USA about fixing this problem which by judging from this site many Trophy owners are having the same problem. $20,000 for a motorcycle and they cannot or are not interested in trying to fix it or offer compassion. I call triumph USA on 7/6/14 I was told that they would call me back..well its been 4 days not reply and NO reply from Elk grove dealer. I wished I found this message board before i bought the bike. I have decide that for every week that they do nothing to fix the problem then i will make a utube video about the poor customer service by triumph USA and Elk Grove power sport.  If I can cost them the sale of just one motorcycle it will be worth the effort. I'm hoping many more people see this post. It blows my mind that Triumph just sits back and lets this run there bran into the ground. This is there Flag ship bike. what a joke I should try to get a class action suit against them

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Re: lack of response by Triumph USA
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2014, 04:09:04 pm »
 :400: and I agree you should have been on this forum earlier.  I would take it to a different dealer, personally.  It is a fact that different dealers furnish different levels of service and expertise when it comes to ANY brand of new bike with the level of electronic controls that are one this category bike now.  If you think that is not the case you should see the postings on the BMW K1600 site regarding issues with those and the dealer/BMW USA responses.  Sorry you are having such issues, but there is a solution for your problem as some on this site will attest.  I hope you get it solved quickly to your satisfaction.  Just my opinion, but I think there is already too much legal action going on thanks to tons of lawyers needing to make a living.  Ride safe my friend, no matter how this turns out.
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Re: lack of response by Triumph USA
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2014, 06:17:51 pm »
Hmmm,  when I called Triumph USA about the head swap, I was told that I needed to talk with a technician and they told me they would have someone call me.  I got that call the same day.  The Tech then called my dealer and arranged for everything.

Perhaps you could call Triumph USA  ((888) 284-6288) and specifically ask to speak with a Tech.