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Re: Trophy stereo
« Reply #16 on: April 07, 2013, 07:32:53 AM »
Hi Bythebay
 Mine is the same - stationary fine - on the move, bloody hopeless, for me and her, on Bluetooth. On speakers, it's hard to say, as I can't hear it clearly at speed. I have re-paired them and reversed which helmet goes to which device (1 or 2), but it's still the same.  I am using Sharktooth. The intercom works fine between us, it's listening to the radio that is frustrating. I also lose the radio sometimes when I stop the bike and restart it. No amount of resetting will restore it. Some times, turning off the ignition and restarting will restore it, but this last time it hasn't.
I have disconnected the antenna and checked the screw thread for good contact, moved it all over the range of movement for no change.
I suspect the poor reception is 
1 Motor or electrical interference
2 The speed volume control (although I have tried all combinations, including turning it off)
3 A loose connection, as it seems to react worse on bumpier roads.
Could be I'm clutching at straws with the last option
Bloody frustrating, "Her on the back" complaining. Especially, trying to sort it out on the move, as when you stop it improves.  :148:

By the way I find the "Instrument Select button" on mine doesn't work properly at times. I sometimes have to really give it a hard jab, to make it function. The demo, I had loaned to me, while they attended the fork problem, did exactly the same. I wonder how long, it will operate before failing.

I'm getting paranoid, as there are lots of glitches in my display panel also. The radio not working, the suspension light blinking on and off, the audio moving across bands without imput.
The Demo also stalled again for me on takeoff around a bend - it was a normal takeoff, not quick. I notified the service manager.
I feel we are the test engineers, or cannon fodder, on equipment not fully sorted.
For details on my fork leaks see "Fork Seals"
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Re: Trophy stereo
« Reply #17 on: April 07, 2013, 08:27:48 AM »
*Originally Posted by clarge [+]
It really depends on how you route the wires. Had problems once with something else, change wire routing and problem went away.

Clarge is correct about the routing of the wiring. Although I haven't used the audio system I installed my ZUMO hard wired to my AutoCom system.
Had interference in the headsets :138: After speaking to the guys at AutoCom he said that it was possible air born interference that the link wire was picking up. At this point I had the wire from under the mount and down the back of the instrument binnacle. After routing it to the side directly after coming from under the mount its perfect.
The conclusion that I've arrived at is that the interference originated from rear of the binnacle with everything being run by electronics. :157:
Worth a try  :087:

Ride long & prosper.
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Re: Trophy stereo
« Reply #18 on: April 07, 2013, 12:44:59 PM »
The radio for me is fine. The volume increases with speed and i do lose qualitiy with extra wind noise over 60mph but cant complain at that. i have crossed europe many times by bike and car and i have noticed each county or region has different transmition laws and regulations and the quality varies greatly for example in southern europe i may only recieve a signal for a few miles before fading into white noise again by contrast the british radio channels in the home counties anyway seem to have a stronger transmition levels and better reception, however i think i will invest in a bluetooth device for my lid. the sena bluetooth set looks like a good buy.
Thanks for the advice its on my shopping list (the wife will be so pleased)
I am very glad i went for the se model and not the standard uk model its worth every penny, they have done a fantastic job thank you triumph!
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Re: Trophy stereo
« Reply #19 on: April 07, 2013, 01:12:24 PM »
I love the radio / music. Haven't set up the bluetooth to our sena smh5 headsets yet as I've been too busy riding but use the usb. Paired my HTC phone no problems but don't like being disturbed with phone calls while I'm enjoying myself.
Haven't set up the trips yet either but will do that soon as I have a 4 day ride coming up.
Went to the footy (Aussie rules) today & my boys just got over the line so listened to the game review on the way home, its great!