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Seat Height - Am I crazy ?

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Just moved from a 1050 Sprint with published seat height of 31.7in to my new Trophy with seat height on low setting at 30.3in (according to spec)

Firstly it keeled over on me on my test drive (foot in pothole !) and it just feels a lot more difficult to plant both feet at lights than the Sprint did. Seem to be more on balls of feet.

Am I missing something here - I am sure I have the seat adjusted right to the low setting, is it I just havent got used to it yet or maybe the Sprint seat (15K miles) was just that one inch more "settled" over time.

Am going to persevere and experiment more with position before considering low seat/lowering but just doesn't feel super safe somehow

Anyone else had a similar feeling when moving to a Trophy from something else with a so called similar published spec

Do you think the Trophy seat is wider than the Sprint's?  A wider seat will splay your legs out more even with a lower seat height.  I also am not flat footed on the Trophy with the seat in the normal position.  I tried it in the lower seat position but the seat to peg distance wasn't as comfortable.

The height doesn't bother me too much since my Tiger 1050 is even higher in seat height than the Trophy and I must have gotten used to it.   However, the Trophy is much more top heavy than my other Triumphs which does lead to some insecurity when you can't flat foot it when stopped.

Went from a Sprint GT to the Trophy.  Agree with you completely, I found the same.  I guess its cos the seat is wider, thus lifting one's legs up slightly more.

I'm 6' tall and found that I was not flat footing the bike. I have gotten  used to it now.  I'm sure you will too.  Good Luck!


thanks Garry I think the theory about wider seat sounds bang on. I will persevere as have only done a few miles so far  :002:

I can tell you it is easier to flatfoot a Trophy than a 2007 BMW R1200RT. Wear boots and just lean the bike to the left a little until your left foot hits the ground. I keep my right foot on the brake when I stop and rarely use two feet. (maybe with a fidgeting passenger or on a highly crowned road)

I have a 32" inseam BTW.


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