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newbie with questions
« on: April 09, 2013, 07:47:51 pm »
Am thinking about trading my 2011 BMW R1200R for the new Trophy SE. But, I live in Arizona, USA. Great riding here, but about every 2nd back road becomes gravel after a few miles and may be 5+ miles before getting back to the pavement, plus it seems many ideal camping spots on long tours are several miles down an unpaved Forest Service road. So, any experience out there with taking the new Trophy down unpaved back roads? Not interested in in genuine off-road capability, just being able to safely navigate a few miles. Otherwise the comfort, weather protection, good handling, etc on the 99% of the rest of the time is of paramount importance to me - especially when bringing the better half along. She (and me, too) got spoiled for 8 years on my 2003 GL1800 prior to the BMW mistake - nice maching, but just not very comfortable for long rides. Have also thought maybe swapping out the tires from pure street tires to one of the 90/10 road/offroad types that are used on the so-called adventure bikes might work?? Any thoughts or comments on this??

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Re: newbie with questions
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2013, 08:29:08 pm »
If you have used all your previous bikes in the situation you've mentioned then it should not be a problem as the Trophy has nice wide bars for control. I would not personally take a full tourer in that situation as it is the dead weight that could be a problem especially on loose surfaces. The Triumph Explorer might be a better option.

On the subject of tyres, insurance companies would have to be notified of any change from standard spec fittings I would say.