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Cant hear my satnav
« on: March 22, 2015, 09:50:40 am »

I have fitted my satnav and it works very well. However I cant hear it very well (at any speed above 30mph).  The in helmet speakers just aren't loud enough.  I can't use in ear wired speakers as I have lots of problems with my ears when I use anything in them as I suffer from 'swimmers ear' and get infections when anything goes in them.

Wondering if could get anything to put in line to amplify the sound.

My headset is an interphone F3. (prefer this route as I use intercom too)

Alternatively I havent tried yet, but wondering if the bluetooth will work with the bike bluetooth, its a Zumo 350LM, but prefer the amplification option, or better speakers?


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Re: Cant hear my satnav
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2015, 02:40:19 pm »
Hi Gary,
I too have the Zumo 350lm and I use the Sena Bluetooth headset. Not sure about the volume but the 350lm can only Bluetooth to headsets, it wont sync up to the bikes Bluetooth system. The 660 & 665 will sync up to the bike. I don't use intercom as I don't usually haul a passenger. I sync up my headset to the bikes Bluetooth system, my phone is synced to the bikes Bluetooth and my headset is also synced to the Zumo 350. I can turn up the volume either on the Bluetooth headset dial or I can turn up the volume on the Zumo 350lm. Did you try turning up the volume on the 350lm? I usually have to turn down the volume on the Zumo because its too loud thru the headset.
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Re: Cant hear my satnav
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2015, 02:47:30 pm »
Hi neojynx,

I had the Interphone F3XT system for a while, and provided the earphones were positioned
inside the helmet correctly, the volume seemed to be OK for me.

A few things you can try .....
( my apologies if these are stating the obvious, but it's possible to overlook one or more of them ) :

1.  Volume turned uo to maximum on the Interphone F3 ( + button )

2.  Volume turned up to maximum on the Trophy Audio system ( Handlebar controls )
    ( may not have an effect on the Bluetooth audio volume )

3.  Volume turned uo on the Garmin - ( Menu / Volume / + for the GArmin 660 )
     or volume + on other Sat Nav device

4.  Interphone F3XT "Auto volume"
     ( I believe the F3 has a slightly different Volume feature - check the Manual ! )
     I recall another Member having a similar problem where the Auto Volume feature ( which is supposed to
     automatically set the volume to a pre-determined level depending on the background noise )
     was causing the volume to be too low.  The Auto volume feature can be turned off
     by pressing and holding the Volume "-" button of the F3XT for 10 seconds,
     until a "bi-tonal descending beep" is heard ! - See attached Chart.

Hope these help  :028:

Cheers  :821:

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Re: Cant hear my satnav
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2015, 03:45:53 pm »
I haven't searched in-depth on the Interphone F3 to see if it has plug in speakers or if they are hard wired into the unit.  If you can get to the plug in capability by converting it with some careful soldering where needed you can get Tork Pro speakers like I use on my Sena and they offer more volume than the standard Sena speakers.  There is even a separate amplifier available for them to boost the volume even more.  You can find a complete review on that shows in decibel levels the difference in volume of the speakers only and the speakers with the amplifier.  I saw a step by step on a forum somewhere how to convert a headset with speakers hard wired in to the 3.5mm female connection that the Tork speakers require.  It does take a little precision soldering.  I have also seen recommendations to place a spacer behind the speakers to move them closer to the ear that may help and that may well be the easiest and best practically no cost solution to try first.  Hope you find a solution.  :821:
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