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Lust lowering and main stand lowering
« on: April 03, 2015, 12:38:37 am »
Dear All,
With reference to my previous posts regarding lowering the trophy and then the problems getting the bike on the main stand.

I have a short inside leg and opted for the Lust lowering kit. This made a great difference in my confidence and being able to plant my feet squarely.

However I then started a diferent post ranting about the difficulty of getting the bike on the main stand. With the bike lowered I could JUST get it on the main stand but it was a big effort and sometimes she popped up easily and other times I just could not get there.

I  therefore decided to have the main stand lowered by 25mm and this has made a HUGE difference. I can now pop the bike up on the mainstand  really easily with minimal effort even wearing very soft soled shoes. It's all about geometry and leverage and that 25mm makes all the difference!!!!!!

In the interests of fellow owners who have a need to lower the trophy and who then have difficulty getting the bike on the main stand I thought I would also share the pictures of the stand modification. I had this done at a local welding/fabrication company who only charged me £40 to do the mod.

In simple terms they cut off the stand just at the base where you can see in the pictures and insterted a tube in the stand and then welded all back up. The REALLY important part of the mod is to make sure that you keep the top of the stand where it mounts to the bike both square and at the same centre distance. This is easily done with a spacer bar and nuts as shown in the pictures

PS a big thanks to Geoff (gtgt2112) for the pic of how to keep all square for the mod and all his PMs help
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Re: Lust lowering and main stand lowering
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2015, 09:26:17 am »
Thanks for the Pics.  I too lowered my bike but I simply removed the center stand and when I want or need to use it I replace it with the two bolts that hold it in place and then I just roll it up on a 2x4 and run the stand down.  I admit that this will not work for all persons but I don't use the center stand as often as some. 
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