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Jacksonville, FL to Houston, TX and back
« on: May 12, 2015, 01:08:43 am »
I just got back from my bike trip from the Jacksonville, FL area to the Houston, TX area.  My brother lives out there and he was turning 70 and I was turning 65.
I thought the trip was an overwhelming success! :046:  I had planned on staying a little longer than I did but some bad weather was moving in toward Houston so I decided to leave on Sunday and miss it and weekday traffic.  I stopped overnight in Gulfport, MS on the way out and on the way back.  If I was a few years younger and still had my Goldwing I probably would have made it in one day but stopping was nice.

The bike performed admirably as I had expected.  Not a single problem.  The stats on the trip from the bike’s computer are below:

Average MPG:  50.1 MPG
Total Miles:  1813.1 Miles
Average Speed:  65 MPH
Fuel used:  36.2 Gallons
Time:  28 hours, 19 minutes

I calculated the MPG by how much fuel I bought (38.238 gallons) and the miles traveled and came up with 47.31 MPG.

I have a Nolan N104 helmet with the N-Com B1 communications system installed.  I had heard the battery might not last the entire day but it did.  I charged it at night and it worked fine all day long.  One thing that was nice was when I got into traffic sometimes I would put the sound system on mute but the Nav audio still came through.  I had a 32 GB USB Thumb Drive full of music.  It worked well.  The program button would advance to the next album and the right arrow would advance to the next song.  Another thing that was nice was the music would pick up where it had stopped the last time I shut the system down (unlike my car that always starts in folder 1, track 1).

I was using a Garmin 660.  Mustangpilot had told me that a “Garmin GTM 12 TMC antenna plugged into the USB port at the end of the Zumo cable loom” would provide traffic data via the GPS.  The GTM 12 is a discontinued item but still for sale on Amazon for $169.95.  Not wanting to pay that much I found one on eBay $32.88.  I didn’t have time to order it and have it come to my house so I ordered it and had it delivered to my Brother’s house in Texas.  I installed it and the GPS recognized it.  I didn’t get into any traffic on the way home but I assume it is working since it comes up on the GPS display.
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Re: Jacksonville, FL to Houston, TX and back
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2015, 01:22:04 am »
Sounds like a great trip!  Since you came from Jacksonville the Houston heat and humidity wouldn't be a problem for you, but this is a particularly good time of year to be in Texas.  That is, except for the thunderstorms we are having right now.  :008:
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