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General whinging
« on: April 28, 2013, 10:05:15 am »
Originally Posted by nert

Windshield problems as well, New fuel tank too, Speedo optimistic by 4 mph at cruise speeds, battery deader than a nail over night, sometimes. First service, $300.00, fixed nothing, but replacement of the fuel tank.  Actually, more issues than my 61' BSA, 66' BSA, and 73' Norton. I am not so sure i made any progress. British Iron, not much better than it was 50 years ago. Just a lot more expensive, and less hands on.

"That's if you want to get 'hands on' I don't. I think these problems have got to be something to do with export/transit process/severe weather variations across the pond.

As for the issues more than fifty years ago I don't think anyone has had any serious engine oil leaks/problems as per '50's & '60's bikes, apart from the fork leaks and fuel tank leaks (serious probs) the main whinging has been about all the things that the early bikes didn't have, all the electronics and comfort add-ons (the more you add on the more to go wrong) and a bit of muck throw up at the rear. Instead of creating tacky add-ons why don't people just clean the bike when it gets dirty."
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Re: General whinging
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2013, 05:03:56 pm »
By law any speedometers has to be either exact or up to 10 percent optimistic so the are usaully set around 5 percent.  I easily set it correctly in the ECU on the sprint.  I probably will do again on the trophy.  Obviously rolling circumference of the Tyre will change the accuracy.

If I remember right all new bikes seem to have various recalls. I am happy mine hasn't been recalled for iron bits in the oil!  Also look at Toyota and others recent many recalls.

The only problem I can see is a possible lack of response but looking at this forum some seem very happy with the response and some not.

Again looking at where the main problems seem to be there does seem to be something different with some export regions.