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Where Triumph dealers can find audio software updates (U.S.)

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It has been well discussed on how difficult it is to get U.S. dealers to understand where the audio software updates/ versions can be found, as it is a separate update from the ECM, and not a part of the dealer tool system used to communicate with our bikes.  A local Triumph Dealer offered this information to post, so that U.S. customers can assist the dealer in finding the updates and instructions to perform the service.

Here's where Triumph dealers in the U.S. can locate the audio software updates and instructions for our Trophys:

Have them login to TOL (their dealer web portal),

Under the Service/ Technical pulldown menu, they'll find Diagnostic Software. 

The audio updates are located in there.

Hope this helps everyone,


Thanks for the info.  I'd still prefer to do the update myself, but now it should be a no brained for the dealers to simply do upon customer request.

Mission Accomplished.  Thanks Chuck!

Guys, couple of questions about it.

how to update it without a dealer ?
HOw to check the actual version and what 's the lastest version?

thank you in advance.

Hi guys,

The search button is here to help you...,5200.0.html


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