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    Any Regrets
    on: Aug 03, 2015, 05.26 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 05.26 pm

    I have decided to upgrade to a large touring bike and was considering a K1600, R1200RT or a Trophy.

    I'm considering pulling the trigger and buying a new TT - Non SE as I don't need a radio and I'm inclined to think that the electronic suspension adjustment "on the fly" is a bit of a novelty.

    I would welcome any comments and also if anyone has any regrets with regard to their Trophy.

    I currently ride an Enfield 500 and look forward to my vision returning to normal once the vibration stops. :087:
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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #1 on: Aug 03, 2015, 05.53 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 05.53 pm
    welcome aboard  :821: I've owned a Trophy now for a bit more than 2 years (30000 kms on the clock) and no regret whatsoever  :152:
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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #2 on: Aug 03, 2015, 06.01 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 06.01 pm
    No, none.

    The Electronic Suspension cannot be adjusted "On the Fly" as you suggest - you do have to be stationary to make any adjustments...

    I too wanted a Used "No-Frills" Trophy but they were thin on the ground so got a good, used, low-mileage TTSE instead and it is brilliant..

    The Audio Unit was of no interest to me - so I removed it and use the space regained for on-bike storage of Mini-Compressor, First-Aid Kit etc. I don't often ride with any luggage fitted so this just suits my needs perfectly..

    "Tiny Tim" ? If you are indeed vertically challenged then a good test ride will tell you if you can handle the Trophy. Some say it is a tad top-heavy but I'm a 63 year old, 5'9", 170lbs Rider who has no problems with everything left as Standard...even the Centre-Stand is no real problem for me.

    There are Low-Profile Seats available and also a few Suspension Lowering Kits for those who are a bit short in the leg..

    Vibration ? You'll enjoy the complete lack of that on a Trophy...

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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #3 on: Aug 03, 2015, 06.01 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 06.01 pm
    Hi Tiny Tim and welcome to the forum  :400:    Best thing I did this year was trading in a  (Bring My Wallet  2012 RT,  for a `TT'....... :017:
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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #4 on: Aug 03, 2015, 06.50 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 06.50 pm
    You can adjust suspension on the fly.  Yesterday i was running "Comfort mode"  while I was on the interstate and switched to "Sport mode" when I began to run through the twisties.
    Preload  ( one rider, two riders) must be adjusted when stationary.  It definitely is not a MUST HAVE  bit it is NICE to have.
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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #5 on: Aug 03, 2015, 07.14 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 07.14 pm
    Bonjour Tiny Tim.

    Bienvenue ! :400:

    J'avais une R 1200 RT avec toutes les options, et je l'ai changée pour une Trophy SE avec les options.
    La suspension électronique est très utile, si tu charges une personne sur le siège arrière tu fais les modifications de réglage de suspension en quelques secondes et tu peux les changer selon la route que tu rencontres.
    La radio... Imagines : une route de campagne déserte, un bon rock à te dévisser le casque ou de la musique classique... C'est ce que je fais et ça me donne beaucoup de plaisir...  :001:
    Mais, quoi qu'on te dises, fais ton choix, en fonction de tes goûts et tu seras le plus heureux des hommes (sur une trophy, bien entendu !).

    G.-M. :046:

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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #6 on: Aug 03, 2015, 08.46 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 08.46 pm
    Hi Tim and welcome to the forum....

    I test rode an R1200RT and a K1600 GT prior to test riding the TTSE and it was an easy decision... 2 1/2 years now with my big blue beast and I have loved every minute of it.

    The only thing you should do is test them back to back or as close together as you can and see for yourself.
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    Re: Any Regrets
    Reply #7 on: Aug 03, 2015, 09.38 pm
    Aug 03, 2015, 09.38 pm
     :400: to the forum.  I had both an RT (2010 model) and a K1600GTL prior to the big K, and can tell you that the protection from the elements on the Trophy is better even with the standard wind screen.  And once you use the "Comfort, Normal, and Sport" settings while riding it is hard to go back to manual suspension.  If you only ride solo, always on the same type of roads, the manual suspension adjustment may work for you, but if you regularly ride on different types of roads or with a passenger only occasionally, the electronics are a joy to have.  By all means ride them back to back and you will find that the big K bike is the smoothest, but not by much, and the R1200RT is not even close to the Trophy.
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