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SOLD:: R&G Radiator Guard
« on: September 30, 2015, 12:08:07 am »
SOLD and shipped.

decided I really don't need to install this - I have had good enough luck with fender extenders (which I either buy or fabricate).

So - here is the unboxed radiator guard... I got as far as sticking the foam tape on it... but it's been sitting for a while on my workbench in the garage... since it would appear as "installed" (even though it wasn't) I can't return it....

so - for those of you in the US - uninstalled, black in color, all the bits and pieces are there, the foam strips are preinstalled for your convenience... and you even get the original packaging.

I figure $70 shipped is a good starting point. Paypal is accepted  :002:

PM or respond - I'll mark this post to alert me (I always forget to do that).

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