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    Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    on: Oct 02, 2015, 08.13 pm
    Oct 02, 2015, 08.13 pm
    Greetings All

    I'm a newbie rider based just outside Philadelphia and have a 2013 Trophy SE, silver.

    I got my license at the beginning of the summer, via the (free!) Pennsylvania basic rider course (a lot of fun, and very safety focused as you can imagine) and have been out more or less every day since then. I started on a '98 Connie as I wanted to get used to riding a touring size/weight bike and make my beginner mistakes on something that would not make me cry too much if I dropped it in the carpark (I never did as it turned out, but came really close in what is best described as a 'controlled lowering operation' at some traffic lights...). Anyway, the grand plan was to wait and see how much I liked riding before committing to a more modern tourer--well, it didn't take long! Had my eye on a Trophy from the start, but finding used one certainly took some time, but I got lucky and didn't have to go to Florida or California for one.

    Have had the Trophy for a couple of months, am thrilled with it and I'm really growing into the bike and can tell that I will continue to do so for a long time. I'm still a newbie, e.g. feeling disproportionately pleased that I rode up to New York yesterday in the wind and rain, around Manhattan, to visit the dealer there and finally get a decent waterproof jacket and boots (with warm dry feet I can do anything!); tunnel, city-block traffic, and a busy rush hour rainy and dark 6-lane highway--the Trophy of course handled it all really well and gave me a lot of confidence, it is just such wonderful bike to maneuver in traffic (no filtering here though!) and on the interstate.

    Having seen reviews, talked to a trophy owner here in PA (pretty much the only other one I think) and read the posts on these forums I was prepared for the Trophy to be good, but expected at least some hyperbole. Well, as an inexperienced rider even I can tell that it is mind-blowingly good! Even when going really newbie-style cautiously (and perhaps particularly then, the way the power goes on really smoothly, the low-speed handling, at least compared to my connie) it really inspires that all-important confidence and means I'm able to think more about what is going on around me than about riding the bike.

    One general question I have is whether I'm alone in really enjoying riding in heavy traffic and find the degree of concentration and focus required is relaxing rather than stressful. I work from home a lot so don't have to do a commute, but I often head out late afternoon to enjoy a good rush-hour. I used to live and commute in Rome and drive between italy and the uk a lot, and really enjoy different traffic conditions and styles. Hoping that this isn't too eccentric! 

    Anyway, I could go on about my Trophy all day (and probably will in other posts), and I've only had it a couple of months. Really this post was just to introduce myself and say hi to everyone.

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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #1 on: Oct 02, 2015, 09.27 pm
    Oct 02, 2015, 09.27 pm
    Hi Swiftales. glad your enjoying  the `TT' and this Forum  just be aware of  that broad grin on your face when riding  past other dealerships   on your new wheels  ...... :028:
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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #2 on: Oct 02, 2015, 10.44 pm
    Oct 02, 2015, 10.44 pm
     :400: to the forum.  The more you ride it the more you will like it, then the more you will want to add little things to it.  I presume since you found it up north it has heated grips.  If not, it might be worth checking Bike Bandit, they still show the individual parts at less than $100 total vs the heated grip kit at $250 (includes the box!).
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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #3 on: Oct 02, 2015, 10.45 pm
    Oct 02, 2015, 10.45 pm
    welcome aboard  :821:
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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #4 on: Oct 03, 2015, 02.42 am
    Oct 03, 2015, 02.42 am

    I had to laugh at "controlled lowering operation" --  :745:

    I relate a bit to feeling energized by riding in heavy traffic -- it requires vigilance and skill to do it well -- but my feelings changed after some time. After maybe a year or two, my feelings about riding in heavy traffic began to change. I started to see (or notice) more the aftermath of motorcycle accidents, and it's sobered me up perhaps to what it can mean to ride in heavy traffic. But hey, if you're enjoying it, ride on!

    I'm with trophied, the more you ride it, the more you'll like it. It's really is a fantastic motorcycle.

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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #5 on: Oct 03, 2015, 03.04 am
    Oct 03, 2015, 03.04 am
    Welcome aboard, maybe we'll meet riding in Bucks County. Nice roads.
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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #6 on: Oct 03, 2015, 05.40 am
    Oct 03, 2015, 05.40 am
    Welcome to the Forum :400:
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    Re: Newbie and New Member, Pennsylvania
    Reply #7 on: Oct 03, 2015, 06.06 am
    Oct 03, 2015, 06.06 am
    Welcome to the forum!  It's great to see another member thoroughly enjoying their TT.  Two years and 20K miles later, it hasn't grown old to me at all.  Ride safe!