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NTL/Virgin Media Email users - please read !
« on: October 13, 2015, 08:08:24 pm »
If your profile email address is with NTL or Virgin Media then this affects you.

We've noticed that NTL/Virgin Media are currently treating our forum notification emails as spam. Some are not being delivered at all and some are going into your spam folder.

Essentially we (or you really) are affected by this:

If you see our emails in your spam could you move them to the normal inbox or mark them as "not spam". That way their system will "learn" and not interpret them as spam.

The more people who do this the better. If you do this on your email account then it will also help other members who are with NTL/Virginmedia.

Note: Should you also wish to amend your notification email settings then this can be done in your forum profile area.

Some feedback on this would be appreciated as it would be good to know if they really do go into peoples "spam" folder.

Cheers  :821: