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Re: Sena 20S syncing issues with the Trophy and Iphone
« Reply #16 on: November 15, 2015, 10:46:51 pm »
             Don't give up, it all works just fine. I use it every day. I didn't have a chance to "document" how to do it, however, a thought occurred to me. Are you trying to pair your Sena with Trophy "Headset 1"?  I think you have to pair with "Device 2".  I am not offering false hope, because it does all work.

I think you pair the phone with Sena, as in 5.1, and maybe pair Sena 6.1 with Trophy, "Device 2".  If that doesn't work just based on those clues, I promise I will at some point to "document" exactly how to set them up.

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Re: Sena 20S syncing issues with the Trophy and Iphone
« Reply #17 on: November 15, 2015, 11:31:57 pm »
If the headset has previously been paired with the Trophy and or a phone all the pairings regarding the Trophy will need to be deleted.  In the Trophy bluetooth menu, unpair all, and on the Sena, in the configuration menu, delete all pairings.  Then you can pair the Sena to the Trophy as headset 1, then pair the phone to the Sena with the  second phone pairing method, and if you have the settings option in the phone to disable media audio you may need to do as I did and disable that.  Then the Trophy audio will work and the phone will work with full function.  You can fight with this for ages unless all the pairings are deleted from the Trophy and the Sena first.  You shouldn't have to do a full factory reset on the Sena if you delete all pairings in the configuration menu.  Bear in mind that if you do a factory reset, the volume levels on each device paired to the headset may be reduced to the point that you do not know if they are working or not, and once you set a volume for each paired device the Sena will remember that volume once it's turned off and turned back on.  I know because I did a factory reset for another problem (turned out not to be the Sena after all) and when it was re-paired I thought it wasn't working until I turned the headset volume up - it was all the way down on volume.
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