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connecting Autocom Air to audio unit with problems
« on: December 08, 2015, 06:46:14 pm »
I bought a pair of "Autocom Air kit 2" unit. It is easy to pair them with eatch other and to the audio unit of the bike (headset 1 and device 2). On te bike is a zumo 660 connected with the audio unit.
It is clear to speak to eatch other, but it is not possibe to hear the radio or the zumo. Even if the radio is muted I hear nothing. The autocom seems to think that there is a radio and therefore we must push the button to hear the radio and or the zumo. If you do so, pusshing the button, the autocoms does not work as intercom. Me or my passenger needs to push the button again. Ten we can talk to eatch other but we can' t hear the zumo (and / or the radio). :084:
I can send it retour to the shop and buy another pair of blue tooth sets, something like Sena SMH10R.

I would like to hear both the audio and my partner without pushing any button. I also want that also my partner wil hear the zumo and /or the music.
Does anyone know the solution?