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    Headlamp Protectors
    on: Jan 03, 2016, 09.29 pm
    Jan 03, 2016, 09.29 pm
    Has anyone fitted any headlamp protectors yet? What makes and models/styles are available? Anyone any ideas whats available? :152:
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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #1 on: Jan 03, 2016, 10.41 pm
    Jan 03, 2016, 10.41 pm
    I have some from Powerbronze USA, I have not installed them yet.

    They attach with dual lock fasteners.

    I do a lot of nose to tail riding in the mountains, they will prevent rock dings.

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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #2 on: Jan 04, 2016, 04.28 pm
    Jan 04, 2016, 04.28 pm
    On my old Trophy I had stone make a 50mm hole in the headlight which I covered with aftermarket clear headlight protectors. Frankly they looked awful as the Scotch pads needed to attach them weren't strong enough and the white pads around the rims looked naff. I eventually resorted to a patch with a cheap lens repair kit before trading it in for my present Trophy SE. I considered the Powerbronze protectors for the SE, but the same white pad issue presented itself. My solution was to buy a sheet of good quality triple layer paint protection film. Less than £10 for an enormous sheet that I've also used to cover the headlights on both family cars.

    Carefully cut a paper template first (one for each headlight) from newspaper. Then trace that onto the film and carefully cut out. Follow the instructions exactly and apply. It's tricky and you'll curse at times, but it's very pliant and you can move it around a lot until you get it right.

    As you're in the UK I've included a link to the place I bought mine from, but there are plenty of similar manufacturers on the internet. Likewise for you guys across the globe.

    Photo attached. Almost invisible - I think you'll agree.
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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #3 on: Jan 04, 2016, 05.27 pm
    Jan 04, 2016, 05.27 pm
    Hi bikerbob,

    I know exactly what you mean about the Scotchlock sticky pad things
    detracting from the look of the Headlamp protectors ( see below ),
    even though the ones that are supplied are a clear type of plastic.

    I wonder though ....

    The film you've used is designed to stop paint scratches and stone chips on body panels,
    but how well does it protect a headlamp ( glass or acryllic ) from cracking when impacted by a stone etc ? 

    Has anyone any experience of this, or even tested it ?

    Cheers  :821:

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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #4 on: Jan 04, 2016, 06.13 pm
    Jan 04, 2016, 06.13 pm
    Hey BikerBob, thanks for the post, I'll be following your lead on this



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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #5 on: Jan 04, 2016, 06.38 pm
    Jan 04, 2016, 06.38 pm
    Re: Paint protection film on headlights

    I had a professional install of a premium grade film on the TTSE headlights. I know of one time when a stone(or some small object) hit the headlight by the sound(at least I think it did), and upon checking there was no damage to the headlight.

    Guy that installed it told me it was the strongest film of it's type, and that he had installed it on car headlights with good results. Almost invisible and only cost me $80 including installation.

    I used the plastic headlight protectors on my Concours14-worked well except one eventually flew off(velcro). Also not as aesthetically appealing(to me).

    Whatever you decide-get something. Expensive fix

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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #6 on: Jan 05, 2016, 02.05 am
    Jan 05, 2016, 02.05 am
    So none of these mods will build up to much heat from the bulbs to melt len ?
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    Re: Headlamp Protectors
    Reply #7 on: Jan 05, 2016, 07.31 am
    Jan 05, 2016, 07.31 am
    I suppose it depends if you ride on gravel roads a lot but in at least 500,000 miles of motorcycle and a similar number of car miles I have never had an issue of getting damage to my headlights.

    Wonder what a survey would show up on here for TTSE ownership.  +1 no dings or chips in my headlights with no protection.

    You watch my next ride I bet I.........

    Love, light and kindness,

    Love, light, and kindness,


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