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Post Edit changes
« on: January 10, 2016, 01:47:07 pm »
Please note that it's now only possible to edit your posts for 60 minutes once you've posted it.

It's been brought in due to the fact that a few members seem to constantly delete or change their original posts for no good reason. This can seriously change the context or understanding of a topic to the extent that it no longer makes sense for members viewing the topic at a later date.

When general post edits take place we looked at the time frame between posting and editing. Most normal edits (97%) take place in the first hour when people realise they made a mistake in their post such as a typo. The other 3% tend to be as mentioned above. Consequently this change is designed to have minimal impact on the majority of members.

In normal circumstances once you've posted something there should be no reason to go back and change something. Typos inevitably happen and you've got 60 minutes to spot anything. Also make use of the Post Preview and use the Spell checker as needed.

The exception to this will be in the "For Sale/Wanted" board where you can still edit your posts. Many buyers like to edit their posts when they sell several items in the same topic, marking them off as they get sold. There's no change there.

In exceptional circumstances where you do need to edit a post (only for something important) then please use the "Report to Moderator" link in the bottom right hand corner of the post in question. Give as much info as possible including the change required and a mod/admin will edit it for you.