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France 2016
« on: February 16, 2016, 12:04:08 pm »
OK, this might be one for our French cousins to answer.  I am spending two weeks in Northern France in August 2016 and want to make sure I am doing things correctly.

I have had the pleasure of riding in France on a number of occasions.   It has always been good and I have never really bothered about checking the rules and regulations of French riding.  I've always assumed that as we are both part of the EU (for the moment at least) we must be using the same rules.

However, I have been hearing all sorts of rumours about new regualtions and had a look on 

I really wish I hadn't as I am now totally confused. 

1/ Right, I know you ride on the wrong  :745: :745: side of the road and I'm happy with that.   
2/ I always wear a Hi-viz so I'll be wearing one in France, no problem there
3/ Spare bulbs, I always carry spare so no problem there.
4/ Breathalysers?  DO I need to carry them.
5/ I read somewhere that I need to have reflective stickers on my helmet?  Sounds painful  :745: :745:
6/ New rule about wearing gloves.  Always wear them so no problem.
7/ New experiment rule about filtering.  Is it ok or not.   
8/ Dipped headlight.  I have never used headlamp converters.  Do I really need them?
9/ Priorite a droite.  Started to read about this but drifted off halve way through the article........ :087:
10/ reflective triangle.  Do I need one?
11/ First aide kit. Do I need one?

Has bureaucracy killed the enjoyment of anticipation for a holiday?   Gone are the days when you could book, turn up at the ferry and enjoy a carefree tour. 

Thanks for your help. 

Freeway Phil 

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Re: France 2016
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2016, 02:39:22 pm »
My two cents worth of comments:
4) breath analyzers: by law it is compulsory to carry however if you're pulled over and have none you will not be fined.....sounds like this has been inspired by a typycal Brussels technocrat, doesn'it?
5) that's correct, and this has been the case for many many years (40 or so maybe), however I've been riding in France with a group of British friends every year for the last 10 years and none of them has ever had the slightest problem with that
7) true, there's an experiment going in four departements, if my recollection is correct, elsewhere could be like playing the Lotery...
8) Technically you should, however never seen anyone in our Group being bothered with that
9) as soon as you see a Saint Andrew cross sign it means you're approaching a  "Right right of way": exercise extreme caution!
10) don't think it applies to motorcycles, yet!
11) not complusory but always a good idea to carry one

Hope this helps

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Re: France 2016
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2016, 03:11:52 pm »
Legal Requirements:

* You must bring the originals of your driver’s licence, insurance certificate and registration document. It is a legal requirement to carry these papers with your vehicle.

* From 1 January 2016 it will be a LEGAL requirement in France for motorcyclists to carry a high-visibility vest to be worn in the event of a breakdown (this already applies to car drivers). Penalty will be 90 euros. In Spain it is already a LEGAL requirement for both rider and pillion to carry a high-viz vest to be worn if you dismount at the side of the road.

* From 30 June 2015 it became ILLEGAL in France to use any “hands-free” kit in a car or on a motorcycle,  with any sort of device that emits a sound – whether through an earpiece, earphones (including earplugs with integral earphones) or headphones – directly into the ear.  The aim is to make illegal anything that may interfere with the driver’s/rider’s hearing.  The only exceptions are hearing aids, training schools, and helmets with an integral system. The detail of the law was released on 18 June 2015 – see the article here – securite routiere – the pictures are easy to follow!   The sanction for non-compliance is 135 euro fine and 3 points in France (in Spain this is a 200 euro fine).

*From 1 July 2012 it became a legal requirement in France (not Spain (2015)) to carry a breathalyser kit (ethylotest) which is certified “NF”.  However, from 1 March 2013, a new decree (no. 2013-180) restated the obligation to carry a kit but removed any penalty for the failure to do so !!

* From 4 January 2012 it became illegal to have any device – including a GPS or mobile phone – that can indicate the presence of a fixed or mobile speed camera. This function, if present, must be disabled. The penalty is a fine of up to 1500 euros, 6 points on your licence and confiscation of the item.

* There is no need to adjust your headlamp,  but you must affix a GB sticker to your number plate. Ensure your bike is in a roadworthy condition – minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm in France.

* Reflective Stickers on Helmets…not required.   This is NOT a new law, the latest “Order” dates from 4 April 1995 and “applies to all helmets sold in France from 15 May 1995″. Originally this requirement dates back to the Geneva Convention 1958, Regulation 22 which the UK chose not to be bound by – which is why it does not apply there.    The 1995 “Order” goes on to say that “However, helmets which otherwise conform to technical specifications of other EU Member States from the point of view of technical performance, protection of users and a date stamp can be accepted” – so even for French residents (like us) who bought their helmets in  another EU state,  it would seem we do not need them either. Although some motoring organisations websites and forums in the UK are stating that the stickers are necessary this seems to have arisen from a report on the FFMC (Federation Francaise des Motards en Colere) website (the clue is in the name – this is a FRENCH organisation!). We have contacted the RAC and the AA (May 2015) who although say their information is from an “official source” they will not disclose this source and have undertaken to check this further (Nov 2015 still checking!!).

* In Spain if you wear corrective glasses for driving/riding you must carry a spare pair.

* Information for road-users in France can be found on the Government website

It has been reported on French MC  Forums , how the Police ( in Paris )  intentionally blocked off one lane on a dual carriageway causing motorists to use the single available lane, in order  to then book motorcyclists filtering, so be warned.

* Recommend that you obtain either an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or travel insurance – which will be required in the unfortunate event that you need medical treatment. Failure to have either will leave you liable for any medical expenses. Please note that the EHIC card does not cover repatriation or 100% of medical expenses.   

Steve...... :018:
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Re: France 2016
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2016, 03:56:17 pm »
no true
"In Spain it is already a LEGAL requirement for both rider and pillion to carry a high-viz vest to be worn if you dismount at the side of the road."