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    Re: Front wheel bearings
    Reply #8 on: Mar 02, 2016, 10.37 am
    Mar 02, 2016, 10.37 am
    My 2013 Trophy has just required new front wheel bearings at 16000 miles. The main dealer wanted to charge me 30 per bearing (x2) plus 20 for new dust seals which he recommended changing as well. The job was going to cost an Hour's labour at 60. As they hadn't got the parts in stock I had the dust seals sent to me from Triumph via that dealer and sourced the bearings locally (this dealer is 40 miles away) My local bike shop whom I've used for many years supplied the bearings at 6 each and fitted them for 13. He also fitted the dust seals which had arrived by post after 5 days but said that he wouldn't usually have replaced them. The original bearings were bone dry and with some rust. These Triumph genuine parts were made in China and appeared to have never seen grease.
    All bearings are made to standard sizes which are usually stamped on them, the vast majority can be sourced over the counter of your local bearing supplier (google it) It is highly unlikely that they will be in any way inferior to the "genuine Triumph" ones  which will be bought in in bulk from the lowest tenderer.

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    Re: Front wheel bearings
    Reply #9 on: Mar 02, 2016, 11.22 am
    Mar 02, 2016, 11.22 am
    I also had to go to a local dealer (an ex-Triumph dealer)....walked in with the wheel, they were busy but said they would try to fit it in.....went back two and half hours later...job and labour 35

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    Re: Front wheel bearings
    Reply #10 on: Mar 02, 2016, 03.17 pm
    Mar 02, 2016, 03.17 pm
    *Originally Posted by Mustangpilot [+]
    So I also packed ALL space between seal and bearing with lithium based grease before assembly.
    That is what I do at every tire change, except I use Mobil 1 synthetic grease, which is what I usually use for packing wheel bearings and general purpose heavy grease.  Just changed my F&R tires and the front bearings are smooth as silk.  Goes without saying I clean the seals thoroughly before packing in grease.

    Wheel bearings are relatively inexpensive... even name brand quality ones.  Cost less than an oil change with good synthetic motorcycle oil.  Front wheel bearing R&R is not that difficult to DIY, either. 
      You don't even have to use the tool that is shown in that video, really.
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