How often do you see other TTSEs where you live in the U.S.?

Every day
At least once a week
At least once a month
Every few months
I'm lucky to see any in a year

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    How often do you see other TTSEs?
    on: Mar 09, 2016, 08.03 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 08.03 pm
    I live in a city with slightly over a million people (San Jose, 40 miles South of SF).  Sadly, I have NEVER seen another TTSE since I got mine last August.  Even my local dealer does not have another one to sell.  Is this model perceived as that bad in the eyes of the general touring motorcycle buying public?  Or, is it just a case of awareness?  Could it be sticker shock at its list price of a whooping $19k? 

    The magazine reviews - rather few - did not rave about it, so that certainly didn't help.  Most comparison reviews I read touted its BMW competition over the Trophy.  Is Triumph's most technologically advanced motorcycle seen as something akin to "trailer trash"?  Maybe it's the limited color choices? 

    Obviously, something is holding back sales.  Not surprisingly, some U.S. Triumph dealers are still trying to move two year old models.  For example, I bought mine brand new in the Summer of 2015 as a leftover at a very deep discount.

    Anyway, to find out how prevalent they are in the wild, I started this poll.  The focus is in the U.S. market, where the more expensive TTSE was the only model available.  Please vote and feel free to comment.

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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #1 on: Mar 09, 2016, 08.29 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 08.29 pm
    Never have seen any (except at the dealership) in my home town. But have seen several when I travel.

    Everything I read before I purchased mine were pretty good reviews. A BMW RT comparable equipped was several grand more. Triumph hasn't pushed it. I believe it's starting to gain momentum in large by the owners.
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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #2 on: Mar 09, 2016, 08.48 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 08.48 pm
    I know there are other Trophy owners in the Houston area, but sadly I've never encountered any of them on the road. Nor have I met any while riding throughout the United States.  The only other Trophy owner I've encountered was at my brothers' dealership in upstate New York. 
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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #3 on: Mar 09, 2016, 10.18 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 10.18 pm
    I've had my Trophy for over 2 years and over 8,000 miles.  I haven't encountered another one except on my dealer's showroom floor.  They have sold a number of them, I just never see them.  Heading to New Oreans for a weekend on the bike next week.  It's not like I don't get out.

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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #4 on: Mar 09, 2016, 11.03 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 11.03 pm
    I just bought a used 2014 TTSE in Charlotte, NC (fairly large US city on East Coast). The bike came with the top case and TPMS and has 15,000 miles on it. My original intent was to purchase an FJR, however, supply was very light and prices high. I bought the bike for around $9,000 below original MSRP. Don't see any on the road here. Mostly Harleys and sport bikes. The 20,000 mile tune up is a little pricey, and probably scares some people. I can do normal stuff, but not valve adjustments, etc. The ride is very smooth. I am used to adventure style bikes. So far I love it. Bought the 3 year warranty at cost for insurance  :006:

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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #5 on: Mar 09, 2016, 11.44 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 11.44 pm
    so far during daytona bike week i have seen one silver trophy  with IOVA plate

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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #6 on: Mar 09, 2016, 11.54 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 11.54 pm
    Only at the dealer. I ride everywhere on my bikes, and don't ride in or drive cages. I see tons of bikes but never have I seen a TTSE on the road since I first became aware of them in 2013, and have owned a TEX and loved it til it was recalled and damaged by dealership. I've had this trophy for 3 months and put 4K miles on it and it has spent some time in the shop getting some recalls finished and some new stuff installed for integrating a gps into the bikes controls.
    And during these few days that they have my bike, they gave me a loaner BMW r1200rt that I have been riding and prior to that it was the Kaw. Connie 1400 as well as a K1200LT beemer each for a couple of days. Right now the TTSE is a much better handling bike than either BMW, and at least equal to the Big Kawasaki although when the road has any longer straits, the TTSE soon sees the 1400cc ST bikes rear facia as it stretches its legs way beyond just triple digits....
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    Re: How often do you see other TTSEs?
    Reply #7 on: Mar 09, 2016, 11.58 pm
    Mar 09, 2016, 11.58 pm
    I saw a blue one in Cherokee, N.C. in the summer of 2014. A blue one in Jasper, Arkansas in September 2015 and a silver one (janfmiller) in Maggie Valley, N.C. in September 2015.