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Are GDB files map version independent
« on: April 04, 2016, 04:27:23 pm »
I'm a long time custom router on a garmin zumo 660. I wont get into to much detail concerning the method i use to create my custom routes since everyone seems to have there favorite way.

i was recently running a test and wanted to share my results for those of you that may have map versioning issues for what ever reason. 

i've got 2 different maps (we'll call them old and new) on my zumo.
I've got  1 map version on my computer (old) .
I've also got mapsource (which has always been my "goto" program for sending routes to my device), which is tied to the old map on the computer.

I import .gpx files into mapsource, line up points along the route to intersections (so there not announced), save that file as a .gdb, then upload into my device.

Heres my findings. When i import my gpx file, whether in mapsource or basecamp, i always need to make minor changes in those programs to get my points (re) lined up within the intersections (so they dont get announced). I tend to attribute this to a difference in map version/program differences coming from the tool that i use to create the gpx file.

After making my changes in mapsource , i save it as a .gdb file. Once i create the gdb file and save it, if i import it into basecamp, my shaping and via points are "spot on" perfect ,no matter what map version i have selected. so even if mapsource is at version 1, and i've got basecamp pointing to my new map on my unit,  the route is perfect. 

conclusion: I was considering using basecamp, because i have the most up to date map loaded on my device, but not in my computer. basecamp gives me access to that map when the gps is plugged in (mapsource does not).  I realize that i can  minimize my chances of the gps screwing with my routes if i used the basecamp/mapsource map version that matches the device, but i want to use the newest map thats loaded onto my device. i was pretty sure i was going to have a versioning issue and have my route changed when i loaded the file. That does not seem to be the case after the .gdb file is created.

So this leaves a couple of questions:

1. Is there any reason for me to use basecamp?. I was originally using it to be able to work with the map version thats on my device, but it doesn't seem to make a difference when i'm dealing with gdb files.

2. are these gdb files from mapsource map version independent (meaning that simply just work on any map version you have on your device)?

please advise,



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Re: Are GDB files map version independent
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2016, 06:56:52 pm »
I just upgraded to a Zumo 595 and in my opinion, BaseCamp is faster than MapQuest.  Although I do use MapQuest in parallel for locating specific places.  The search engine in BaseCamp is not the best.

When you update the maps on your Garmin, you can also load the identical map to BaseCamp.

The routes look good on my 959, when the February weather changes to April weather in NW Indiana I'll see how well it really works.
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