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Tire pressure warning light failure
« on: July 03, 2016, 01:44:07 am »
Here's an FYI regarding the TPMS system and the Tire Pressure Warning light:

I started having issues with the tire pressure warning light coming on intermittently, when the tires were actually a little low(2-3 lbs, which isn't supposed to trigger the sensor) and even when the tire was overinflated-I experimented with both scenarios to share it with the mechanic. I have seen other topics where other owners are experiencing this, so here is what I found out:

The problem did not originate in the TPMS sensors in the tires, which are separate from the tire pressure warning lights. They transmit a wireless signal to the sensors connected to the one of the bike's computers. When my mechanic hooked up his diagnostics to the dash sensors, the readings were all over the place, switching off and on, and clearing any codes before they could be read. In short, the problem originated in the Immobilizer unit which is the security function that kills the bike if an attempt is made to start it without the properly coded key. This unit also controls the tire pressure warning light readout.

Bottom line, nothing wrong with the TPMS sensors, but the immobilizer unit had to be replaced per Triumph tech support. Fortunately this was under warranty and they didn't hesitate to ok the replacement. At a cost of over $1300 parts alone, and a couple hundred dollars in labor :005:

So if anyone is noticing any intermittent tire pressure warning lights, or strange readings with tire pressure associated with the warning light, get the bike to your dealer ASAP before the warranty runs out. Apparently Triumph has seen a few of these issues and after the proper testing protocols will replace the immobilizer. Triumph diagnostics will pick up this problem pretty clearly, according to my excellent mechanic.

Hope this little tidbit of info saves some of my fellow TTSE enthusiasts some hard earned $$ and aggravation :028:

Ride safe(and fast)

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Re: Tire pressure warning light failure
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2016, 09:37:31 am »
Thanks for sharing that useful info  :028:

It's also worth mentioning, that Condition 14 of the Triumph Warranty Terms & Conditions states :

The warranty does not cover defects which have not been reported
to an authorised dealer within ten days of discovery of the defect.
So make sure you at least report any problems to your Dealer and that they
make a Record of it on their system, in case you need to make a warranty claim later on !

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Re: Tire pressure warning light failure
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2016, 04:11:39 pm »
Great info.  Fortunately I haven't had any odd issues with mine, fingers crossed.
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