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    1 year update
    on: Nov 02, 2016, 02.38 am
    Nov 02, 2016, 02.38 am
    I traded in my 14 ttse one year ago for a HD Street Glide because I was having the XM battery drain problem and the dealers I called either ignored my multiple calls completely or didn't have a clue what I was talking about and then wouldn't return my calls after I explained that triumph did know about the problem and had a fix for it. Anyway... After $1500 in seat and suspension upgrades, it rides much better than stock and is still the roughest riding bike (over $15k) that I have owned. I regret the trade and miss the ttse but bad (or no) customer service from 2 different dealers was unacceptable. Unfortunately only bmw has anything else worth looking at and their history for being unreliable scares me. I honestly think the ttse is (for me) the best bike out there.

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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #1 on: Nov 02, 2016, 02.53 am
    Nov 02, 2016, 02.53 am
    Sorry to hear that.
    I have used three dealers.  Two have been very good, the third is a disaster.
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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #2 on: Nov 02, 2016, 06.06 am
    Nov 02, 2016, 06.06 am

    Sorry to hear your experiences of yet another US Dealer letting Triumph,
    and the Trophy model down so badly.

    Triumph really do need to get a grip of their overseas Dealers
    if they want to build confidence in the marque, it shouldn't be up to
    our Members to teach them what they should they be doing !

    We even have a Topic on this Forum especially to instruct US ( as in United States ! ) Dealers
    as to where they can find the necessary Audio Software update on THEIR systems !  :027:

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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #3 on: Nov 02, 2016, 01.54 pm
    Nov 02, 2016, 01.54 pm
    Sorry to hear about your dealer issues.  Your experience makes those of us that have good dealers appreciate them even more.  Mine is courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, and reasonably priced (for a dealer), and I don't begrudge them making a profit considering the huge investment they have in building, inventory, and staff.
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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #4 on: Nov 02, 2016, 03.20 pm
    Nov 02, 2016, 03.20 pm
    I specifically asked for the dealer to make sure my audio was upgraded to the latest version before I picked up my bike from them when new. The radio software was NOT current when I got my bike. I don't think the training is there. I was told they hooked up the computer and everything was up-to-date, so obviously they didn't know the radio software is updated separately from the ECU.
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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #5 on: Nov 03, 2016, 02.31 am
    Nov 03, 2016, 02.31 am
    Dealers are hit and miss. When I lived in Maine I had one choice and they were good at selling bikes but not much else.

    After moving to Ohio I have had multiple dealerships from which to choose. One had ceased to be a Triumph dealer with good reason. They were terrible. They were the closest. Moving outward the next one is good. The next superlative as is the next farthest one. I consider myself very fortunate!

    Based on my experience in Maine, I feel your pain.
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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #6 on: Nov 13, 2016, 10.51 pm
    Nov 13, 2016, 10.51 pm
    I have three Triumph dealers in my area.
    The first one I used with my Tiger 1050 and never had a problem.
    My second dealer carries BMW also so I have taken my Trophy to them the 500 mile check up went good.
    The 10,000 mile checkup was not as good same dealer  , I found that the body parts with the front turn signals in them were not put back right.
    I refitted the parts and found a 18 mm wrench under my seat that I used as payment for my time.
    I will have to check the dealer that worked on my 1050 or the dealer that I have not used yet for my 20,000 service.
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    Re: 1 year update
    Reply #7 on: Nov 14, 2016, 12.08 am
    Nov 14, 2016, 12.08 am
    My original selling dealer was so bad it was enough to sour my experience of what is basically a good bike. Sadly, Triumph seem reluctant to impose any sanctions against such dealers and as a result will lose customers which seems ludicrous. I never mind paying for the service they offer, but object to paying for service I dont get