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Forum now fully HTTPS


Please note that the site has now fully made the transition to HTTPS.

The url of the site has changed slightly from http at the beginning of the url to the more secure https (note the "s" on the end).

Consequently, if you post links in your topics or maybe save a bookmark somewhere then just ensure the first part of the url is https.

So the correct url address is now:

You might want to update any bookmarks you've made in your browser.

If you've previously posted links to maybe other topics/posts in the forum then these would have been automatically updated so you don't need to worry about them.

If we take the Chrome browser as an example, the site will now display the "Secure" icon like this:

Firefox will be similar.

Note that if you subsequently view a topic and your browser presents you with a "insecure page" alert then it's almost certainly because an image that's in a post is coming from a non-https site. An example of this would be images posted from as they currently do not have a https version of their site. When this occurs you can ignore it generally, in fact it'll happen quite often as various other websites slowly switch to https (which is becoming the norm).

However, please note that if Photobucket do not make the change soon then you won't be able to use such images in your posts.

Images in Signatures

Also if you put link to images in your signature then you now need to make sure that they are hosted at a secure https source. As mentioned above, some sites like Photobucket do not use https, nor have they indicated when they will convert. If you have such images in your signature then you probably need to host them somewhere else. You could always link to them from a gallery album should you wish.

At least now you won't get those pesky insecure warnings when you login  :028:

Cheers   :031:


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