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    SOLD BeadRider Ceramic Bead Seat SOLD
    on: Jun 01, 2017, 07.48 pm
    Jun 01, 2017, 07.48 pm
    I normally use an Air Hawk cushion but saw a number of forum members were very happy with the BeadRider.  Zebraranger sold his bike and then sold me his recently purchased BeadRider Seat.  You can see it in his posting:,6597.msg80968.html#msg80968 

    I finally tried it today on a 200 mile ride and did not find it as comfortable as my Air Hawk.  I am told it is the ceramic beads as opposed to the wood, and it looks brand new.

    If anyone is interested they can have the BeadRider for $25 plus shipping which is what I paid Zebraranger.  The total with shipping cross country was approx $40.

    PM me if interested.

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