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    21 year drought is over!
    on: Sep 07, 2017, 03.58 am
    Sep 07, 2017, 03.58 am
    Hey everyone - been lurking here for awhile but as of Sep 1 am the proud owner of a 2017 TTSE. I got the last one at this particular dealership. I've been twisting a throttle ever since grade school. My neighbors had a RUPP minibike we'd thrash around the trails in the woods behind our country home. A buddy in middle school had a Honda 50 dirt bike I begged to ride every time I came over. I got my motorcycle endorsement six days after getting my regular driver's license at age 16 (my poor mom!) and my first street bike was a 1972 Honda CB350. I had that for a couple years and then purchased a 1982 Suzuki GS450L while in high school. In college, I upgraded to a 1983 Suzuki GS650L with a Windjammer fairing. After graduating from college, I bought my last bike, a 1983 Honda GL650 Silverwing Interstate with full Hondaline fairing, bags and topbox. I loved that bike; I believe it was only available in the 650cc size for just one year, so they are quite rare now. My future wife and I made many trips around Lake Pepin (Minnesota/Wisconsin border), which is one of the most scenic rides you can do in the Midwest. 11 months after getting married, I took a job with a large multinational and was given the opportunity to work on a one year assignment in the U.K. We jumped at the chance. Most of our possessions, including my Silverwing, went into storage. That one year assignment got extended another year, then another and another. For my English friends, we lived for most of this time in Guildford, Surrey, and my daily driver was an M-reg Mini Cooper. Wish I could have brought that car back to the U.S. with me. Anyway, a bike sitting in storage gets brittle hoses, rubber hardens, gas gets stale, etc., so some time into that second year, I sold my baby to a colleague back in the States. I still regret that decision! Life happened. We came back four years later with two kids (now have four; two out of the nest), and somehow, justifying another bike purchase fell somewhere below curtains and saving for college. 21 years passed. I wasn't really even looking for a sport-touring bike this spring, but happened to read about some amazing pricing on Honda's 2014 CTX1300 they are still trying to clear. I was intrigued. I'm short, so wanted something fairly low. I didn't want a 900lb+ beast needing a reverse gear. Big V-twins are low, but I'm just not a V-twin kinda guy. I like a bike with a redline higher than my car! The V4 on the CTX1300 (tuned down from the ST1300) seemed to fit the bill. But, the more I read about the bike on their forum, the more issues I became concerned with (poor suspension, poor gas mileage, no cruise, no 6th gear - to name a few). One of those dissatisfied CTX1300 owners ended up with a TTSE, so of course I had to check this bike out. I was very close to purchasing the CTX1300, but am so glad I didn't. I also considered the FJR1300, Concours and R1200RT, but the Trophy either beat them on price or features. I'm sad they're being discontinued, but that, and the fact that it is the end of the riding season up here, helped me get what I think is an amazing bike for a great price. I have about 400 glorious miles on her so far and aside from a softer seat for longer distances, I don't think there's much I'll change. I opted for the topbox right away for the extra storage and so my wife will have a backrest. I absolutely love this bike, and being that I lived 4 years in the U.K., am all the more happy to own something made from a country I have so many fond memories of. Looking forward to learning more from all you veterans out there. Cheers!
    1972 Honda CB350
    1982 Suzuki GS450L
    1983 Suzuki GS650L
    1983 Honda GL650 Silverwing Interstate

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #1 on: Sep 07, 2017, 08.14 am
    Sep 07, 2017, 08.14 am
    Hi Schindawg and :400: to the Club !

    Congratulations on your new Ride  :028:

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #2 on: Sep 07, 2017, 08.20 am
    Sep 07, 2017, 08.20 am
    Hello and welcome to the gang  :821:
    It wasn't me !!

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #3 on: Sep 07, 2017, 08.35 am
    Sep 07, 2017, 08.35 am
    welcome aboard  :821:
    An old biker must be a good rider

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #4 on: Sep 07, 2017, 12.18 pm
    Sep 07, 2017, 12.18 pm
    Welcome  :821:

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #5 on: Sep 07, 2017, 01.01 pm
    Sep 07, 2017, 01.01 pm
    Welcome  :400: Enjoy your ride.
    The Beast

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #6 on: Sep 07, 2017, 01.56 pm
    Sep 07, 2017, 01.56 pm
    Welcome to the forum  :400: ......... :821:
    `Only a Motorcyclist  knows why a dog rides with his head out of the car window '

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    Re: 21 year drought is over!
    Reply #7 on: Sep 07, 2017, 04.38 pm
    Sep 07, 2017, 04.38 pm
     :401: :460: Hi There and welcome to the Forum.  I also am a new TTSE owner but haven't taken delivery of my bike as it is having the top box and Simoniz finish being applied. I had a subdural hematoma that was resolving from a MC high side crash last May and just this week was cleared by the neurosurgeon for normal activities.  I wasn't able to test ride the bike so I actually don't know what I bought! lol  :745:

    I do know that everybody on the Forum are great folks and have been very kind to me.  I was curious after such a long stint without a bike did you have any trouble or problems getting on such a big machine?  Just curious.

    Best Wishes,