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Re: Cruise Control restart?
« Reply #8 on: September 17, 2017, 04:46:30 PM »
Hi JuBprince,

The Heated Grips are available in kit form,
and there are two versions of it :
A9638094, which includes the Shorting Link, and
A9638088 which is identical apart from not having the Shorting Link !

The fitting instructions are combined for both kits.
( Downloadable here by entering the Part Number : Triumph

"Early" Trophies ( don't ask me when the change occurred - I don't know ),
needed the Shorting Link fitted to Connector under the Glove Box,
which is / was "supposed" to enable the Icons.

I don't know why they changed things,
but later Trophy models had no such connector on the Harness.

The fitting instructions state :

A9638088 Only
• Before starting the engine, connect the Triumph Diagnostic Tool to the motorcycle.
Select the heated grip symbol from the Configure Instruments menu and enable the heated grips.
The instrument panel will then display the heated grip symbol when the switch is operated.
Refer to the Chassis Diagnostics chapter of the Triumph Diagnostic Tool User Guide for full details.

There is nothing to state that on the early models,
the Icons must also be enabled in the "Configure Instruments" Menu,
and I have no knowledge as to whether there is a different Triumph Diagnostics
software program to differentiate between the two, though I would doubt it.

There is at least one Forum Member ( triumphtrophyrider ) that fitted the Shorting Plug
but didn't get the Icons displayed, and had to go to his Dealer to have them enabled.

It would seem reasonable to assume that there IS a setting within Triumph's
"Configure Instruments" Menu for ALL trophy versions, that must be enabled
to allow the Instrument Panel to display the Heated Grips Icons,
and that at the time of the motorcycle being prepared,
this item is supposed to be enabled but is sometimes missed.

( We've also heard of Trophies being handed over to customers
with items completely missing from the Instrument Panel display Menu,
such as the facility to change Suspension settings ! )

Cheers  :821:

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