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A little something I've been working on for a while,
hopefully of use to new Trophy owners, although there are probably
some aspects that even the most experienced Trophy Owner will learn about !

It's bascially a "PowerPoint" Slide show, which can be Downloaded by clicking the Link below.
( PowerPoint files can not be attached to Forum Posts ), so you will need to Download it,
and have a program to view PowerPoint ( ".pps" ) files,
or view it On-Line via a Windows Live account at PowerPoint online

There is a Free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer currently avaiable here :
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Viewer

NOTE : This has been designed wiith, and is intended for viewing with
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or newer, and may not display correctly,
or operate as intended, if opened with earlier Versions, or other Programs.

Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions or something that doesn't work !

Here are a few Screenshots :

CLICK HERE to Download the PowerPoint File from my Dropbox

Cheers  :821:

Well Done!!!

Just outstanding!  :047: :047: :047: :047: :047:
Well done Alan, thank you very much.  :020: :020: :020:
I just cannot imagine how long it took you to put that together.
Hats Off!!

Lets just say I've been working on it for "a while"  :015:

Glad you like it  :169:

I've tried the 124.7 Coconut FM: to no avail, what's going on? :745:


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