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To go with my new ( to me ) Russell Day Long seat ( Cheers Kevin ),
which is a little "slippier" than the Stock Seat, I bought a pair of TechSpec Tank Pads from here :

I chose the "62-3503-C3" pattern Gripster Tank Pads which are now a Clearance Item
as the Company are reducing theiir extensive stock range. ( Get them before they are all gone ! )

The price has been discounted by around 30% to 26.00 for the pair. ( + 4.74 delivery )  :152:

As usual I have no afffiliation with the Seller.

Photo's soon - when fitted !

And the Day Long feels like??????

Compared to Stock it feels like HEAVEN - Wrapped in fluffy Cotton Wool !

I was thinking of adding a few choices for you to describe it and interestingly enough, one of them was "Heaven".  I don't own one, so I can only dream. Glad you like it! :028:

Very nice on the pads, Coconut!  I have been thinking about adding something like this to my bike as well. I am looking forward to seeing them installed on your machine. I like the idea of the Snake Skin pads, but if the C3 pads look good on your bike I may change my mind.  Well done, Sir!


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