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Replace tpms battery

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Tpms battery replacement.

After 3 to 5 years the batteries on the tyre pressure monitor will fade and die resulting in a warning on the console. These batteries cost 3 to buy however triumph charge 120 plus reprogramming and fitting. So I bought replacement batteries and fitted them myself.

This is what I got up to this weekend
I'm not suggesting anybody follows my bad example and tight fisted attitude... you do this at your own risk obviously

I needed a steady hand, tweezers a magnifying glass or head loupe, torx8 key, soldering iron, solder,flux, 0.6mm core wire, cr2032 battery cell with tabs. Something like the link below.

Now I've done it, I have no problems replacing them on any other vehicles I own.

Due to the low miles I ride my tyres still had miles left on them when the batteries died, so I removed the wheels and took them to a tyre shop. They charged me 15 for dismount and mount with balancing. I could have saved this expenditure had I replaced them when I had the new tyres fitted.

1. Remove tyre
2. Insert 5mm Allen key, hold the valve steady and unscrew. (on refitting torque to 4.5 N\M).
Note:- how little effort is needed to unscrew it and try to replace with equal force.
remove the spring ,valve and top nut and set aside.

3. With the unit up side down on the bench remove the sticker to gain access to the torx screw underneath or go through it? (I removed it carefully and relocate it in a different place just in case I need the information later).

Undo and remove torx screw

4.) 3 clips on the moulded body are the only thing holding the two halves together now (As circled in the image below).
I used a very small electrical screwdriver working from the hole to the end carefully prize the halves apart while pulling the small plastic latches apart. Once the two hole clips are apart the end latch will detach easy.
5. Remove the printed circuit board and battery from the plastic body.

Using a soldering iron disconnect the old battery from the two positions shown

I bought two CR2032 cell batteries with tabs/tags and 0.6mm electrical wire. Tin-up both battery tabs and wires and connect. For extra protection i shrink wrapped both joints. (Optional)
Position both battery and p.c.b back into plastic body.


gauge wire length required cut wires and tin-up ends and solder together

I had a multimeter to check for 3vdc on the p.c.b end. But it's not that important.

Fit back into the plastic body
Clip both sides together
Screw torx screw back in
Refit spring and valve assembly making sure not to overtighten the valve thread to 4.5 N/M.
Refit tyre and balance.

If your ever in Ireland, bring your tools. I also refuse to pay through the nose to extinguish a warning light. GOOD job

Excellent job, I take it that you have tested the bike fully and the sensors are working 100%?


   :460:....... :028:

Yes fully tested and working good as new. The bike is already programmed to those sensors so no need to change anything on bike/ecu setup.
As far as i know triumph throw the old ones out anyway so nothing to lose? Took me 3 hours to do both sensors once the tyre were off.


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