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    Re: Replace tpms battery
    Reply #48 on: Nov 21, 2022, 10.15 pm
    Nov 21, 2022, 10.15 pm
    Just discovered a more expensive  AUTEL programmer  ( for about $160 ) isn't needed  to program the MX sensors.  An AUTEL MAXI PAD can do the job for only about $48 w/shipping off EBay.

    The more expensive AUTEL programmer can do much more than the MAXI PAD,  but the MAXI PAD is all that's needed to clone/program a new MX universal sensor.

    I received the new MAXI PAD programmer and 2 new metal stem AUTEL MX sensors today.   As soon as I know what frequency the US model Trophy TPMS sensors operate on, I can start finding the proper protocol they need to be progrmmed for.  It will be a bit of a guessing game, but I think I can make a few educated guesses and get lucky.

    If you have a USA model Trophy and have noticed during a tire change what the sticker on the TPMS says for the operating frequency,  or have an old sensor that you have replaced and saved, please let me know.

    BTW, a few guys on one of the Concours C-14 Forums have been successful figuring this out.  They work great on the C-14 if programmed for a Mazda 3 that operate on 315 MHz.
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