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    Read Me - "How To's" Posting Guidelines
    on: Jul 14, 2013, 08.55 am
    Jul 14, 2013, 08.55 am
    "How To's" - Posting Guidelines

    The "How To's" section is specificallly for forum members to post useful guides, tips and write ups on "How To" complete various tasks.

    For example:

    How to Change the Oil
    How to Change a Tyre
    How to Remove the Seat

    ...and so on...


    1) The title of all submitted articles should preferable start along the lines of "How To" e.g.     How to change the oil

    2) Where possible post PICTURES to illustrate your guide/article as these are invaluable.

    Pictures can be added from the Photos Gallery. Please sign up for a separate Photos Gallery account if you don't have one.

    3) When posting to this section, please do not link to material on another site or forum.

    4) The guide must be your own, no plagarism please.

    5) Please do NOT start topics that ASK a question. The section is strickly for guides that show you "How To" undertake a task.

    Note: The site makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of each guide, members reading the guides should make up their own minds whether the content is true and accurate. As such you undertake any work or modifications based on the articles at your own risk. Ensure you also refer to your service manual as applicable or seek specialist advice.

    Please share your knowledge - what you share in a guide can be invaluable to other members and over time the "How To" section will grow to become an important resource to other members and owners.

    Thanks!    :821: