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Edited 22/07/17 to provide Links to Photo's in new Forum Members Gallery.

Some folk call them "Position" Lamps, some call them "Parking" Lamps.
Even Triumph refer to both of these in the Manual, but they are the same thing -
the little white bulb in between the headlamps ! ( I'll stick with "Parking" Lamp  :169: )

Tools needed :
5mm Allen key from Triumph Toolkit.
Optional : Torch & Mirror.

Bulbs :
Headlamp = 12v 55/60w H4 Halogen
Parking lamp = 12v 5w capless type 501

NOTE : The fitting of higher rated bulbs than those specified is beyond the scope of this "How To" guide.
Be aware that fitting higher rated bulbs may cause excessive heat that could cause damage,
and could also overload parts of the electrical circuit(s). 
Consult a professional auto electrician if you intend to fit bulbs of a different specification  :028:

Changing the front Parking Lamp is fairly easy, whereas changing the headlamp bulb can be quite "fiddly" !   :233:

Update 22/05/15 : With thanks to Forum Member gfxmonkey as an alternative to the below method,
the Glove box and Battery compartment cover can be removed, which then gives better access
to the back of the Headlamps from above.  While still "fiddly" it might be a bit easier  ! :028:

Underneath the headlamp Unit, remove the two bolts and washers from the trim panel :

Carefully slide the panel forwards to release the retaining lugs, noting how there are two large lugs
at the rear which engage in corresponding slots in the tops of the Side Trim panels, together with the smaller lugs
around the front edge which engage with the underside of the headlamp to hold the front edge firmly in place.

As you withdraw the panel, note the wire leading to the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor fitted into the trim panel. 
This is the sensor that provides the information for the temperature display on the instrument panel.
Carefully release the plastic retaining tab of the wiring plug by depressing the catch, and remove the plug.

Parking Lamp ( also referred to as “Position Lamp” ) :

Looking up underneath the front edge of the headlamp you will see the small bulbholder for the Parking Lamp.
Carefully twist the bulbholder in an anti-clockwise direction, then withdraw the bulbholder downwards.
TIP : If you don’t have nimble fingers you could use a pair of long nosed pliers,
but wrap some small pieces of cloth around the ends to protect the plastic bulbholder from damage :

The bulb simply pulls out of the bulbholder - If the bulb has been in place for any length of time it can be quite difficult to pull out,
and there is a risk of the glass breaking, so protect your fingers with a piece of cloth or something wrapped around the bulb just in case !
( End of Health & Safety lecture !   :164: )

Replace with a good bulb, and refit the bulbholder.  Turn the ignition on - bulb should light up - Job Done.

Headlamp :

NOTE : If you have small slim hands it might be possible to access the back of the Headlamp from above,
by turning the handlebars to one side and reaching in past the side of the fork stanchion -
This will be made easier if you remove the Battery Cover and Glove Box !  If not ........

Replacing the headlamp bulb is quite fiddly because there is limited room, you can’t see what you are doing,
and have to “feel” your way to do the job !

Turn the handlebars in the direction of the side you are working on,
to move the front fork out of the way and give more room to work.

The wiring plug connector is surrounded by a rubber weatherproofing cover.
Reach up behind the headlamp until you find the rubber cover -
It is about 6cm in diameter and has two protruding tabs around the edge. 
The following photograph was obtained with the aid of a mirror !

From the centre of the rubber cover, locate the wiring plug and carefully pull it straight back away from the bulb. 
It is quite tight, and should be eased off with care to save rapping your knuckles when it pops free !

Now pull off the rubber waterproofing cover from the back of the headlamp,
using the upper and lower protruding tabs to assist.
After removal note that the rubber is marked “TOP” :

Undo the spring retaining clip that holds the bulb in place - the picture below ( from the Owners manual )
shows the “hook” end which should be depressed, and then moved sideways - away from the body of the bulb, and then released. 
The clip will remain attached to the headlamp ( thank heavens ! ),
and will just swing away from the bulb allowing the bulb to be withdrawn from its housing :

Remove the bulb Noting the tabs that only allow the bulb to be inserted “one way”,
and also note which way this is - to aid refitting !

Refitting :

DO NOT touch the glass part of the bulb - this should be scrupulously clean - any grease, even from your fingers,
can cause the glass to shatter when the bulb is switched on and the heat of the bulb heats the grease !

Holding the spade terminals of the bulb, with the bulb in approximately the correct orientation ( as noted when removing it )
put the bulb back into the headlamp, making sure it goes all the way in to the housing.
TIP - Look through the front of the headlamp and you will be able to see if the bulb is correctly inserted :

Now the fiddly bit - holding the bulb in place with your thumb, locate the spring retaining clip with your fingers,
swing it across the back of the bulb, depress the catch part and move it sideways slightly to engage with the retaining groove.
You’ll probably have to try this a few times before the clip engages  :087:

When you think you’ve got it right, try and wobble the bulb in its housing - if it stays tight you should be OK !
TIP : To confirm the clip is correctly engaged you could use a torch and small mirror.

NOTE : If the bulb is not fitted correctly in its housing, this can cause the Beam pattern
to be thrown "up" slightly and cause dazzle to oncoming motorists !

Check by looking in through the clear front lense to see that the bulb appears to be located correctly,
and evenly spaced around the hole it protrudes through, as in the above Photograph.

Refit the rubber cover with the section marked “TOP” at, you guessed it, the top ! :169:
( I found this quite fiddly as the 3 connection blades of the bulb tend to snag on the inside of the rubber hole ). 
Press all around the edges of the rubber, to seal properly onto the back of the headlamp.

Refit the electrical connector ensuring the 3 terminals engage with all three terminals of the bulb -
again you have to “feel” your way to do this. 
The connector should push straight on, and will feel “right” when it is fitted !

Before refitting the trim panel check the headlamps work by starting the engine !

Reconnect the wiring plug to the headlamp trim panel Ambient Air Temperature sensor,
then refit the panel by engaging the rear tabs in the slots in the tops of the side trim panels. 
Hold the front edge of the panel up against the bottom of the headlamp as you slide the panel rearwards,
making sure the tabs on the front edge of the panel all engage properly.

Refit the two securing bolts and washers.

Job done !

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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2013, 12:14:11 pm »
Thanks Coconut and another  :460:


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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
« Reply #2 on: July 15, 2013, 12:50:21 pm »
You obviously have FAR too much time on your hands coconut, but thanks again for a great posting! Very useful!

I can confirm that you have to draw on all of your skills as an amateur gynaecologist to be able to change one of the headlight bulbs, it is not easy!

 :008: :008:
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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2013, 12:29:12 am »
Great writeup!  Looks like I will feel at home as the headlight bulbs are just as fiddly to do as the ST1100 and ST1300, but at least the Trophy uses normal H4 bulbs. Just out of interest, what exactly is in the toolkit?

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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
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The Toolkit comprises a pouch :

Inside the pouch are :

From left to right :
Screwdriver blade - Phillips Cross head on one end, flat blade on the other end,
6mm Allen Key ( Hex Key ),
5mm Allen Key ( Hex Key ),
4mm Allen Key ( Hex Key ),
Handle for Screwdriver blade,
Double Open ended spanner - 8mm & 10mm
Single Open ended spanner - 14mm

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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2013, 11:22:53 am »
Thanks for the write-up, Coconut!
I hope my bulbs last a long time!


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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
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Awesome post! I found this source for LED parking bulbs.
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Re: HOW TO : Replace headlamp bulb, & front Position / Parking bulbs.
« Reply #7 on: September 28, 2014, 01:30:46 pm »
Coconut - excellent post!  Thank you for taking the time to do it.  I've only had the TTSE for a couple of months but bulb replacement/upgrade is on my winter list of things to do, and this post will certainly make that task a bit easier!
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