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    Locked Glove Box
    on: Jul 10, 2018, 02.53 am
    Jul 10, 2018, 02.53 am
    I didn't know whether to jump on the most recent post, or start a new one. Hopefully, the admin will put it where it's the most effective. I was putting my bike back together after installing R&G crash bars, and decided to work on this topic for awhile. The reason for my sudden interest in this topic is not important, but I can say there are THREE electrical connections to be made when reassembling: 1) Power port, 2) usb, and, probably the most important in the context of this post, 3) solenoid connector. (I got two of the three... :157:)

    Anyway, the good news is that it's really quite simple, once you see how to do it. You can see in the first image that part of the release button has a lip that covers the latching mechanism. 

    Here is the latch that catches the tab on the door itself. If there is no power, that latch will not move, but it is not mechanically restricted. You can push on it and it moves freely.

    This is the tool I used. I'm sure you can find lots of other things that will work.

    When the lid is closed, there is a gap on either side of the security lip. Simply slide something through the gap and push the latch back. The lid pops open.

    Once you see it, it's very easy to open. Given how long it's taken us to figure it out, I'm not at all worried somebody walking past my bike will be able to open it.

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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #1 on: Jul 10, 2018, 06.59 am
    Jul 10, 2018, 06.59 am
    Nice one Jeffb and easy to follow photos, thanks for sharing. :062:

    Love, light, and kindness,

    Love, light, and kindness,


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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #2 on: Jul 10, 2018, 07.07 am
    Jul 10, 2018, 07.07 am
    Good to know.

    Thanks.  :152:
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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #3 on: Jul 10, 2018, 09.22 am
    Jul 10, 2018, 09.22 am

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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #4 on: Jul 10, 2018, 12.16 pm
    Jul 10, 2018, 12.16 pm
    That's filed in the deep dark recesses of my mind. Thanks Jeff.  :821: :158:
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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #5 on: Jul 10, 2018, 02.47 pm
    Jul 10, 2018, 02.47 pm
    I was able to open mine by hand once by pushing down on the latch area and pulling up on the cover with my fingertips.  The plastic is just flexible enough to manage to open it if you have it disassembled and neglect/forget to reattach power, but this method is a whole lot easier on the fingertips.  Thanks for the tip!
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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #6 on: Aug 14, 2018, 04.32 am
    Aug 14, 2018, 04.32 am
    After messing with mine for a time after forgetting to reattach the wire I left the forward screw under the door off.  It still locks and stays in place but is removable by just removing the rear screw.  My theory is that if anyone wants in there badly enough they will just smash their way in.

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    Re: Locked Glove Box
    Reply #7 on: Jul 12, 2020, 02.12 pm
    Jul 12, 2020, 02.12 pm
    Just another thank you for this option of getting into the glove box. After a ignition wire recall was done by my 2 hr away dealer last week I realized once I got home that the glove box door would not open. After reading several other posts about this and prying and twisting and losing sleep overnight thinking about it, I found your post and after converting an old screwdriver into the tool you show I was in.  :046: And also after getting it open I see exactly how the latch moves to release the lid. I removed the box and found the solenoid was unplugged and I assume it was from the wire rerouting the dealer tech did.  The latch is now a little chewed up and I will get it working but may just convert the lid to a Velcro closure and not concern myself with the plastic security mechanism.  Thanks again.
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