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Re: Trophy in the Buttlite Rally
« Reply #8 on: July 18, 2018, 04:51:02 PM »
The amber lights are from  They are the Photon Blasters.  Mine are also connected to the turn signals and serve as a secondary signal.

The aux lights on Trophys are normally mounted to the triangular black plastic piece that forms the lower part of the mirror housing.  I placed a 3 in piece of steel bar on the inside to reinforce the mounting.
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Re: Trophy in the Buttlite Rally
« Reply #9 on: July 18, 2018, 05:22:23 PM »
Thanks for the info! Very helpful!
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Re: Trophy in the Buttlite Rally
« Reply #10 on: July 19, 2018, 02:30:25 AM »
tdragger [Paul]. In regard to the drink container issue you mention. I have fitted, or should say, fit, when on a long ride [riding solo] a 2.5 litre Icekeg insulated container. Possibly the same that I see some of the Light entrants using. I purchased a cheap [$8.00 Aus] insulated carrying bag [the best way to describe it] from K-Mart. I removed the carrying strap. The Icekeg has a lift up pouring spout which I cut the top half off. I then drilled a hole in the top opposite the pouring spout large enough to fit a rubber O ring. Then I went to a local stainless steel fabricator and got them to make a hollow tube with a right curved bend at the top. I had to purchase a pair [male and female] quick connect genuine Camelbak fittings. The size of the Camelback fittings will determine the size of the food grade plastic tubing to use.
   At the top end of the stainless tube a short bit of plastic tubing has  the female Camelbak fitting attached to it. The male is then attached to a length of plastic tubing long enough to go from the Icekeg along under the seat and then up to the right zip pull on the Triumph tank bag. I fitted a small cable tie to the zip pull through which the plastic tube with the mouth bite piece goes. I have enough plastic hose through the cable tie to allow me to simply open the front of my Shoei Neotec flip front helmet to drink from.
   On particularly hot rides I have added ice into the Icekeg, topped up with water and have had cold water for two days riding. I should have mentioned that the zip closue on the cheap insulated bag has a small cut in the top to allow the stainless tube to pass through.
    I simply stand the bag/keg on the right pillion peg and secure it with a small ratchet strap, by running the strap around the right pannier support arm and the frame tube in front of bag/keg ensuring not to compress the rear brake line. The idea of the outer cheap insulated bag is to keep the Icekeg clean/free from road grime.
     When my wife joins me for rides I have drilled a small hole in the left lower portion of the tank bag with a rubber grommet fitted. The water bladder sits under the lower section of the tank bag with the drink tube coming out the left side. I have enough plastic tubing fitted to allow my wife to drink as well. The only downside to this arrangement is the bite piece has to be removed/replaced every time you want to put the tubing through the rubber grommet.
      I'm sorry i can't show photos, I just don't know how to. I hope this has been of help. I know it's a long winded explanation, but I've tried to explain it as clear as I can.
      All the very best for your future IBA Rally's and long rides in general. In a couple of weeks I'm doing a SS1600kms. ride to commemorate a departed FarRide/IBA friend.
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