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Trophy test ride comparing it to my RT
« on: November 09, 2012, 09:03:05 pm »
Had a demo ride on the new trophy yesterday (8th Nov).
I have owned a BMW R1200 RT SE for 19 months now and have covered 14000 miles on it. It's a great bike as everyone knows, although i have had several faults with it so I'm not BMWs no 1 fan.
Been really looking forward to a ride on this for a long time now. Well what can I say I was only on for an hour and I want to be subjective as I can.
The engine as with other triumph is great, a bloody peach. It has more oomph to it than the RT, plenty for a tourer, but obviously not like a ducati multistrada. Its very smooth compared to the RT. I tried everything from feet up almost full lock slow turning to a 115 blast which felt very stable and comfortable sheltering behind the raised screen which was maybe not quite as good as the RT being narrower at the top but still very good.
The bodywork especially around the knees seemed to keep more wind etc off seeming wider than the RT and having "lips" on the edges that must help with this. The radio wasn't as tinny as I had read previously it was plenty loud and the volume going up maybe too much at higher speeds. To me the seat felt better than the RT it seems flatter, wider and a touch firmer.
The switches on the handlebars work fine but I didnt like having to take my hand off the grip to use them. The throttle was great but being used to the RT it was noticeable the lack of finesse I felt between closed throttle and the first few hundred revs. Its probably the throttle by wire and I'd probably get used to it but it felt On or Off.
I love the fact of the 10000 mile service intervals and it DOESN'T need annual servicing at extra cost..take that BMW. I do get annoyed paying BMW all these servicing costs.
The bike felt so easy to manoeuvre at slow speed and it handles great. Being used to the RT I felt right at home on it. I wouldnt say it handled better than the RT, not yet anyway I'm going to arrange another test ride over a longer time to really try out its handling. When I do I will post my thoughts here.
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Re: Trophy test ride comparing it to my RT
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2012, 07:27:39 pm »

Just read your post - very interesting for me since I have a 2010 R1200RT SE and am interested in a Trophy.  It will probably be March before I can get a test ride, so I'm gathering opinions until then.

My experience of the RT seems very similar to yours - both positive and negative.  My wife says it is the most comfortable bike she has sat on, so the Trophy will have to be good.  I can't understand why the heated grips and seats are not included in the Trophy SE spec as they are with the RT SE, and I'm not sure I want a radio either, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. If the test ride is positive, I'll order it with the spec I want and hope to collect it in July.  I have trips to Europe planned for May and August, with work commitments in between, so July it must be.  If the Trophy doesn't suit, it will have to be another RT (90th anniversary special edition maybe ?)

I hope your next test ride goes well.