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So, what do you do for a living?

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A suggestion: If allowed... can we say what we do to earn a Buck here?

Also, maybe a shout-out for the self employed to offer "mates rates" to Forum members?

Club rules. :164:

Nothing right now, however,  I worked a long career first as a military pilot, then as an attorney (barrister for you guys on the east side of the pond), now retired and only watching/playing with grandkids, and riding motorcycles.   :046: 

Also drinking significant amounts of bourbon while smoking good cigars.  :047:    :821:

Life does not get any better.

Ride safe my friends.


I do live graphics for film and television, sounds glamorous but spend most of my time in a truck outside the venue!

Location sound recordist for television and film.

Occasionally I get a job that is small enough to put my gear in the panniers/top box and ride to location.

I'm a retired military and civilian Air Traffic Controller


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