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Re: Center Stand and Achilles Tendons
« Reply #16 on: September 25, 2018, 02:01:21 PM »
*Originally Posted by Captainslow [+]
I suffered a similar situation some months ago. Fortunately I didn't break the tendon, I think I tore the calf muscle. The pain was the worst I have ever experienced. It took a few weeks to rest and recover and be able to walk normally.

I have found the solution is to put my heel on the stand, rather than the ball of my foot. That way I can apply all my weight on the stand - the other foot briefly lifts off the floor - without risking the tendon and muscle. It works fine this way. I only weigh 70kg and I can get the bike on the stand every time.

Sorry to hear of this serious injury Dr. Steve.  I experienced the same thing Captainslow did.  After riding all day with my leg in a bent position I went to put the bike on the center stand.  I felt a tearing in my calf muscle and my leg buckled for a second.  Soon after, a large bruise appeared on the calf muscle which along with the pain lasted for some time.  I did not rest it and it took about 6 months or more for it to feel better!

Now, I make sure to stretch my leg a bit if I have been riding for a while and plan on putting the bike on the center stand.  I also use less force pushing down on the center stand with that foot/leg.