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Garmin Zumo 595 upgrade (from Zumo 660)
« on: April 29, 2019, 10:19:10 PM »
Thanks everyone for their various postings which helped me to do the upgrade.  First disappointment was in finding the 595 did not fit in the cradle (already fitted) for the 660.  This meant swapping the harness took me bleeding ages  :034:

First thing was to get hold of a Triumph manual. I bought a digital version on eBay for 7 quid so I was happy with that. I only printed the pages I needed.

After some hours I managed to fit the new harness but when I came to finish the job I thought I'd better test everything.  Bollocks, the screen wouldn't return to the parked position; it jammed half way back. Opening up the facia revealed one of the multitude of cables as part of the new harness had a plug on the end which had jammed the mechanism.  Easy enough to relocate though.

The finished job is good. Surprisingly, Coconut, I found I could see all the Trophy screen underneath the Zumo 595. I thought I might have to raise it, but no, all is fine.

Tomorrow, I'll get out there and use it and see how much of a difference it makes.

I'll be selling the Zumo 660 along with the cradle and harness and also an automotive mount if anyone is looking for one. I'll put it on the right part of the forum in due course.
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