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    Farkling in Germany
    on: Jul 29, 2019, 08.08 pm
    Jul 29, 2019, 08.08 pm
    Hi guys,

    let's talk about legal farkling in Germany.

    You know, everthing and part of your bike had to be legal in Germany.
    Best thing: You've got  a sheet of paper with an E number or letter from the manufacturer of your bike, that this special part is legal.
    And that is checked every two years....

    Every two years a bike or car needs a technical exam. In Germany it's called the 'TUEV'.
    There are several organisations which can do this exam, but it's called the 'TUEV', which is one of these organisations.
    And if your bike is ok, a new sticker is glued on the lisence plate.
    I think our British friends have something similar: The MOT.
    But I believe the TUEV is harder  :001:


    Two weeks ago I went to one of these testing organisations and something like the following conversation started:

    I: Hello, my bike needs the exam.
    Test engineer (TE): Oh, hello. One thing in advance: Those cat's eyes on the panniers - they are not legal.
    I can't give you a sticker.
    I:  They are legal. The entire bike has a EU permission.
    TE: No they aren't. It's the same with the Harley guys. They tell me every time, that their stuff is legal.
    I: Sorry, but the panniers are standard.
    TE: No, no chance to get the sticker.
    (Remark: In 2017 I got the sticker, with panniers in this location. Ok, it was another guy, but....)
    I: Thanks, have a nice day
    Started the Trophy and went off the location.

    There are other possibilities to get exam and the sticker. one just 2 kilometers away... The TUEV

    Same day, same bike, same rider, new test organisation, new test engineer
    Conversation started:

    I: Hello, my bike needs the exam.
    TE: Hello, ok let's check the lights. Oh, the headlamps are to low.
    I: ok.  No problem (Zapping through the bikes computer .....bzzzz... lights up) Ok?
    TE: No, that's wrong. There must be a bolt which had to be turned for adjustment.
    I: No, thats the only way to adjust the lights.
    TE: No, that - if you load something. There had to be a bolt!
    And started to search for this bolt.
    I: Sorry, that's really the only way to adjust the lights.
    TE: NoNo...searching... Oh, look there is the bolt. If I had a small screwdriver, I could adjust...
    I: Ok. Lets stop here. I have look at home. I adjust them and come back tomorrow or so. Bye, have a nice day.
    Started the Trophy and went off.

    Fortunatly I had nothing to pay, neither at the first location, nor at the second location.

    But three hours of my valuable lifetime were gone.
     :233: :233: :233:

    But thats a fine in Berlin. There must be fifty or maybe hundred offices where to get the TUEV

    Last week the third attempt started.

    Another day, same bike, same rider, new test organisation, new test engineer

    TE did a short test drive, checked all the lights,  checked the tyres and brakes and a couple of other items.
    Then the following talk started:
    TE: Ok. The bulb of the license plate illumination is broken.  That's a major failure.
    So normally you can't get the sticker. You had to change the bulb and come back.
    But I wrote that the bulb is weak. That's a minor failure and you get the sticker.

    (Remark: No word about cat's eyes on panniers, or that the headlamps shine to low. )

    I: Thank you. Have nice day. See you in two years.

    Started the Trophy and went off.

    O.K. back to topic: farkling in Germany

    I read your stories about farkling: Additional lights, additional this, additional that. WOW  :156: Amazing.

    And in Germany? legal? And TUEV?
    There is something possible....
    Have a look:

    You don't see anything?



    Have a nice day and cheers


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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #1 on: Jul 29, 2019, 09.51 pm
    Jul 29, 2019, 09.51 pm
    Thx for brightening my day.  Enjoyed your post.

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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #2 on: Jul 29, 2019, 11.03 pm
    Jul 29, 2019, 11.03 pm
    And some people wonder why the UK are “leaving” Europe !  :005:

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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #3 on: Jul 30, 2019, 03.11 am
    Jul 30, 2019, 03.11 am
    Thank God we don't have to put up with that kind of bullsh#t here in Victoria, [Australia]. Just a roadworthy check/certificate when selling your bike/car. Very interesting.  :020: :020: :020:
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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #4 on: Jul 30, 2019, 04.55 am
    Jul 30, 2019, 04.55 am
    Wow!  Seriously, Wow!  I can't speak for the other 49 states, but here in California, for all the flak we get, our 'exam' includes:  Oh, wait, we don't an exam.  Of any kind.  Ever.  That's just crazy having to put up with that kind of stuff!  I wonder what they're trying to prevent???


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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #5 on: Jul 30, 2019, 07.31 am
    Jul 30, 2019, 07.31 am
    *Originally Posted by Coconut [+]
    And some people wonder why the UK are “leaving” Europe ! 
    Sorry Alan , don't want to get into a debate that does not belong here, but with all due respect it has very little, if anything, to do with Europe: in France this just does not exist (yet) for motorbikes.
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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #6 on: Jul 30, 2019, 08.26 am
    Jul 30, 2019, 08.26 am
    I foolishly imported a grey import (Honda Bros) into Germany in '95. What a nightmare that was - and I had the help of an agent for the resettlement paid for by my employer. It took a year to actually get it registered, and every 2 years the TÜV was a nightmare. I had to extend the rear mudguard, I had to disconnect the amber running lights (part of the indicator) - every time there was something different. Everything on the bike had to be type approved, but there are not sufficient numbers of that model in Europe for that to be worth it for most manufacturers. Take tyres - you can only fit the specific tyres listed on your paperwork, so when Michelin stopped doing the size of Hi-Sport I had on the front I was snookered. Oh, and you can only fit matched pairs of tyres, so that was the rear in the bin then! With the help of a few other Bros/Hawk owners in Germany, I managed to get some decent Bridgestones added to my paperwork (once one owner has done it for their machine, it can be carried over to others), but not being a native German speaker, I could never have managed on my own.
    I did learn that a TÜV done by Dekra is usually more lenient than one done by TÜV themselves...
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    Re: Farkling in Germany
    Reply #7 on: Jul 30, 2019, 08.47 am
    Jul 30, 2019, 08.47 am

    We call people like this 'Jobs Worth' as in to give you a sticker would be more than my Jobs Worth!

    I had built a 1951 Harley Davidson Panhead replica and to get it on UK Roads it needs an SVA Certificate (Single Vehicle Exemption) and I hear your pain.  It is the cost of living in a mature well-ordered society.  Germany is one end of the spectrum and rural China the other (I would say the DPRK but I have not been there!).  I travel through Germany and notice lack of litter, good driving standards and it's all to do with control and rule of law.

    I too would site this as a Breitx+ but alas we too have the same Jobs Worth who's sole purpose is to give their fellow man a sh#tty day, likely their reward will be in heaven.

    Love, light and kindness,


    BTW love your Union Flag sticker
    Love, light, and kindness,


    2016 TTSE